Sunday, March 9, 2008

Knee Scope

Well, here I go. Yet another knee scope/possible surgery. I got my knee scoped a little over a year ago and have continued to have problems. I have not been able to play my favorite sports. So, tomorrow I go in for another scope with a possible ACL surgery. It all started when I was playing basketball in high school and some girl thought it would be cool to ram into the side of my knee--anyway I got my ACL replaced then because it was completely torn in half.

So anyway, I am scared to death because I do horribly with anesthesia--I hate it. And I hate the pain. I am hoping that they can find something to be able to help me out but, I am just not looking forward to the process.

I received a priesthood blessing tonight with my 2 uncles , my dad and Marc. I twas a beautiful blessing and I greatly appreciate it.

I will keep you updated.

3 remarks:

BallerFam said...

Good luck! I hope you feel ok after.

brookiebaby said...

You'll be in our prayers!!!! I hope that they can fix you for good! :)

amyandrandy said...

I hope all goes well, we will be thinking of you.