Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week in Pictures

2 is in dad's slippers. She loves putting on anyone's shoes or slippers that are laying around.

8 and 2 love watching horse movies so sometimes when we are sick of watching horses with them we set up the portable DVD player.

Dad and 2 watching a horse movie together.

12 and Dad all ready to go the livestock auction. 12 got to work there all day, holding up auction items and herding the animals in and out. 12 really looks up to Dad--they are little buddies. Riding horses together, working together and playing together.

The Elder's Quorum and High Priests group of our ward put together a Sweethearts dance. This is Marc dancing with his mom. What a precious moment--the smile on Marc's face says it all. We had so much fun. We stayed out dancing all the way till 10 pm!! (tee hee)

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brookiebaby said...

Your family is growing by the second! "2" is such a pretty little lady! She's not a baby anymore! I can't believe how big they are all getting! And "16" going on a date! WOW! Boys watch out! :) Keep me posted on the Vernal walk! I would LOVE to go! I love keeping in touch via blog! Thanks for being my blogging buddy! :) LUVS to you and your fam!

BallerFam said...


The Chizel Family said...

Oh, the picture with 2 and dad is priceless. Porter came over and saw the picture with 12 and dad and said,"they are going on a cow" aka horse. "I still want to go on a cow."