Monday, March 16, 2015

Webbed Underwear

Nope, I'm not talking about a scantily clad SpiderMan.

I was looking for pull-ups for one of the kids and I came across this gem:

Can you see the spiderwebs off to the left?

Ha! I just had to take a picture. I just had to share the humor of it with you.

There's just something about buying a "diaper" as an adult that I am certainly not looking forward to. Apparently many adults feel the same way because it doesn't look like these are flying off the shelves!


Ya. That was an UP... laughing at disposable underwear for adults.

I mean, look, it's even a trial kit. You can figure out what size and kind you like best. How could this have been sitting on the shelf for so long that it accrued a spider web?

It gives a whole new picture to my thought of getting old is scary...

OK, enough lame potty humor...

Another UP is that I finally got another YouTube video done. See:

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