Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Leap of Faith

My UP today didn't really happen today, but it's one of those things that was so UP that it carried into today and just kept me smiling.

There has been a REALLY TOUGH situation the last while for Sister at school.

I put "really tough" in all caps because I need to emphasize how awful it has been.

To protect my daughter I will not go into detail, but I have learned that Sister is greatly and heavily and thoroughly affected by her environment.

It's part of her Fragile X Syndrome.

Part of her mental impairment.

Part of her personality.

Anyway it has been no where near slightly easy to help her through some tough times.

There was a point where I had no idea what to do, how to handle the situations or how to move forward.

I finally put my faith in the hands of the Lord.

That is the best way I can explain it.

I took a complete and total leap of faith and let my Heavenly Father guide me blindly to what should be done for our daughter to improve her situation.

This was not a bandaid fix.

It wasn't going to be a quick fix either.

And there was not just one way to solve or handle the issues.

So I just leapt.

I know we are not supposed to mix church and state or church and public school, but this is my side the story, my blog and I'm telling it how I feel best.

We, as parents of children with special needs, tend not to trust our children's educators. We worry that they are just worrying about the budget, the legalities, the regulations the red tape and not really thinking of the best scenario for our child.

I'm telling you that it is possible that your child's teacher can be capable of doing great things, miraculous things, if you trust them and have faith that God is leading you the right way.

I have been amazed and inspired by the compassion, care, concern, concentration, and effort that has been put into action on behalf of Sister by her teacher Dr. H.

After talked bluntly with him and expressing my feelings and concerns he has implemented inclusion time for Sister, techniques, and behavior plans that are bringing about HUGE changes in her and showing confidence I thought she had lost.

I've seen miracles.

Not gargantuan ones.

Little ones.

But little ones are so welcomed.

I am feeling incredibly blessed that because of Dr. H's efforts that not only am I seeing the differences in Sister, but my parents and siblings are too.

I am so grateful for the path that Heavenly Father has led me on. A path that is leading to Sister's success.

I love seeing pictures of Sister doing fun things at school, showing her cute personality.

Today I received this one:

Those are all books she brought from home or borrowed at school. She even has a book mark for each one! I love it.

Along with her enhanced reading fetish lately, she also LOVES to bring home little "stories" she has typed up and printed from the computer. She is always so proud.

When she started bringing these home I thought it was just another way to keep Sister happy at school.

It was much more than that.

Yesterday Dr. H sent me this link to his recent blog post and I was so happy to see there was a much larger purpose to her typing.

I highly suggest you read his post.

I also am so excited that he is starting a GoFundMe account to help work towards his goal of helping his kids succeed! I think it is awesome that a teacher, who really gives so much of their time and talents already, to want to raise money to help his students even more.

And hey, it will help our daughter too... so of course I'm gonna ask you to check it out.

Day 83 of 365 Days of Up

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vickit43 said...

Yay!! That is a great up!!! God is good and when we turn to him to help with our children it really can make a big difference. I know that sometime I have prayed and not understood why things did not turn out the way I hoped but I have learn that God works in his own time not ours. Hugs to you!