Monday, March 23, 2015

I lied

I said I would give you all the low-down today.

I have an excuse.

So last night Baby started acting sick.

This morning she had a fever of 102.

So, she wasn't exactly a happy camper.

I spent a lot of time snuggling her and holding her.

I didn't exactly get anything done today.

It was one thing to get things done with her in my arms when she was a baby Baby, but at five and a half, she is a little too much to lug around.

So I did nothing except for spend the first 4 hours of my day snuggling, holding, and calming Baby.

It was actually nice.

The fever medicine kicked in and I was able to take her to her dentist appointment.

That's one thing a lot of people probably don't think about much when it comes to special needs children and dental issues. It can be pretty awful when you are dealing with hyper-sensory and hyper-arousal.

She wasn't really happy at first.

Then they put in My Little Ponies and she was good to go.

This moment was my UP today:

Smiling in a dentist chair... yup. That's a good one!

Day 81 of 365 Days of Up

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