Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Refrigerator meltdown

Brother was very excited this morning to tell me about his outing with Matt and Kylee. He even demonstrated the googley eye glass he got with some of his tickets:

Let me give you a minute to stop laughing...


Hold on.

I'm still laughing.

I don't know why that's so funny to me, but it just kills me! I love it when his sense of humor shines through. That is something I have heard about people with Fragile X Syndrome is that they often have a great sense of humor!

Gary came to visit for a bit today to bring us some homemade taco soup that Lynne had made for us (which was an UP, by the way, because I didn't have to make dinner tonight).

He also kept Ranger happy.

I had to take a picture because Ranger was laying on his back, asleep, with all four legs straight in the air while Gary was giving him a foot massage. He's a funny dog.
So, I mentioned about our Youth in the church having a missionary month. Well, each week we have an activity that centers around being missionaries. Tonight was cultural night where we learned about places others in the ward have been and the cultures they were part of. After all that gathered in the cultural hall to taste some foods from different missions and cultures.

This was the long table of food they were able to try.

Brother had been telling me for about an hour before that he was NOT going to try any of the food...

He started with the tortilla chips...

He got brave, I guess, and decided to try the fried sardines.

He made me laugh as he went around showing everyone what he wasn't going to eat and then proceeded to go around again with it hanging out of his mouth. I love seeing him interact with his peers and wanting to make them laugh. I also love seeing the youth of the ward care for him so much.

This was the act he was putting on to make people laugh.

This is the best close up I could get of his plate... disgusting.
He at one and half! Ew!

So those were my UPs today.

You wanna see my downs?

It will help explain the title of this post.

Have you ever had your refrigerator light go out?

No big deal.

Get a new one.

Take out the old one.

Put a new one in.

But, wait!

What if your used light bulb has melted the top of your refrigerator and implanted itself in the plastic around it? Really implanted. It won't budge. I sure hope Whirlpool and RC Willey are decent enough to fix this... A girl needs a light in her refrigerator you know!

Sheesh! It just dawned on me... I should check the light in the freezer.

Who on earth has to worry about a light bulb melting the fridge?!


If you have had this happen to your fridge. You must tell me. I have to know.

I just have to know if I am the one in a million.

Here I took pictures so you could see what I am talking about.


Ya. This is the kind of stuff that happens in Our Life.


Day 69 of 365 Days of Up

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