Monday, March 9, 2015

Anything but boring.

About nineteen and one half years ago Marc and I met while I was working at a temporary job just after graduating High School and getting ready for my first year of college at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah.

I was 18.

He was 26.

I was smitten.

He was taken.

I was persistent.

He was too.

I was ready to give up.

He changed his mind.

We went on our first date.

I came home and told my mom and dad that he was the man I was going to marry.

He took some convincing.

I said yes to his proposal of engagement on Thanksgiving Day of 1995.

We were married March 9, 1996—just a few weeks after I turned 19 and 5 months after he had turned 27.

He robbed the cradle.

I won the prize.

Me and Marc when we were dating (me at 18 and Marc at 27)
Nothing, no one, no how, could we have prepared ourselves for the life that lay in front of us. All we knew is that we were blissfully in love and couldn't live without each other.

Our first (and my only) ascent together to the top of Mt. Timpanogos when we were first newlyweds

I have to be honest.

We haven't felt like that every single day since.

But, there have been those days.

And they are the treasured and memorable days that keep us going for more life in front of us.

Our Life's maiden journey into the world of Fragile X Syndrome shortly after Brother and Sister's diagnosis in 2005

My UP today, is, of course, being married to my Marc and building Our Life together.

I also had some little cuties to keep me up today too.

Baby loves to put lip balm on. Not on her lips, mind you. She likes to put it on her face... this green apple Laffy Taffy brand leaves a little color behind. She thought she looked so pretty that she asked Daddy to" take a picture."

Wizard of Oz anyone? ... and your little dog too!

I was so excited when Sister wanted to build a fort today and asked me to help. I can't explain all the reasons why this brought me so much excitement, but it was just such a joy for me to watch my kids play in a fort made of chairs and blankets in the living room. I felt like a "normal" mom for a little while as we planned how to build the fort together and watch Sister get so excited when she learned that her mom knew how to make a fort!

Brother doesn't like me to take his picture, but he'll take his own anytime...
I'm just glad it was with my phone this time so I could steal it.

And I just love her face.
Our house wasn't sparkly clean for our 19th anniversary.

There was no fancy dinner by candlelight.

The kids were complaining about what we were having for dinner.

The kids were complaining about what we didn't have for dinner.

We had a rough family home evening with kids screaming, yelling, flopping and fleeing.

So really, nothing special for our anniversary day.

Just the reminder that the life we started 19 years ago has been anything but boring.

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vickit43 said...

Happy Anniversary! Yours and Marc's story is a wonderful love story. I know from experience that life with fragile x is hard. Wishing you many more wonderful years!