Thursday, March 5, 2015

Momentum Direction

The momentum of yesterday slid into today.

Is there such a thing as not good momentum.

If not, I just decided there is.

I think Sister is just totally melting down not have her daddy here for this long.

She's not a happy camper.

In fact she is so much not a happy camper that things that would usually make her happy are actually making her mad.

Yup. That's fun.

But the UP of my day is that I felt like a really cool/great mom for a few minutes when, after Sister's total meltdown over not having a Super Hero shirt to wear on Super Hero Dress-up Day for Red Ribbon week at school, I was able to calm her down enough to ask her what super hero she would want on her shirt if we had one. She told me "Wolverine! Lego Wolverine!" and I said, "Well, why don't you pick out some pants, shoes and socks and I will be drawing a super hero on your white t-shirt while you do that."

20 minutes later and 5 minutes before the bus arrived with the help of her LEGO book and Crayola fabric markers we had a happy girl.

Hey, I did it in 20 minutes and apparently wasn't worried about getting it on center...
I just hope she never notices (and you better not be the one to tell her!).
So, ya, I felt cool.

She happily got on the bus and I was free to take Ranger for a short walk.

Seriously I am amazed at where I live! I mean look at that! Right there!

So you get to hear my UPs today because I refuse to keep the momentum of my bummer yesterday keep sliding into tomorrow.

My hubby comes home tomorrow. I want to be happy when he gets home. I know, too, that the kids do worse if I feed too much off of their anxieties and frustrations.

But before I sign off, I must share another UP.

How can she not make you smile? She's just so happy to have her ponies with her everywhere she goes. It was cold and so she wanted to keep them warm.

Here's hoping my momentum changes directions tomorrow!

Here's to going UP!

Day 64 of 365 Days of Up

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