Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throw-back Thursday

I had another rough day with Sister this morning taking her into the doctor.

I took a selfie because you could still see the stress on my face.

So this morning felt like a throwback to the last time I took Sister to the doctor.

But the day definitely got better.

A lot better.

I was able to go watch Brother's first track meet of the year! I always look forward to that. He is only one of three who are actually participating in the adaptive track from his school this year.

I can't even explain how amazing it is to watch Brother run down the track while the entire crowd is cheering him on! It brings tears to my eyes ever single time.

I didn't get a photo of him running, just a video so I'll get that to you later but I did get pictures from his long jump.

Watching all the junior high kids at the track reminded me of my days in track and field. I LOVED that sport! LOVED it! My favorite was the high jump. I was the record holder for quite a while at Spanish Fork High... I'm not proud of that or anything.

Then, after Marc got home from work, we all piled into the van and drove down to Marc's parents to visit with his cousin, Randy, and his wife, Sharon who were down from Idaho. When we got talking I was reminded that we haven't seen them in 10 years! They've never even met our two daughters! Crazy how, even with all the technology we have, that you can still lose touch with special people.

It was, oh so fun, though to look through old pictures of Marc's family. We laughed and revisited memories. I started taking pictures of the TV screen because I wanted to have some of the pictures to show you.

One of my favorites was a photo of Lynne and Gary when they were younger. It was so adorable and it was good to see them like that.

Marc is the one in the white t-shirt on the left.
This is with some of his cousins and all of his sibling, Amy, Aaron and Amber 
Marc's sister, Amber, standing on her daddy's hands

Now forever my favorite picture of my in-laws.

Marc's brother, Aaron. Just because he's cute.

Before leaving Sharon got pictures of the kids. They all sure loved her and Randy.

Ha! ha! Brother looks like he is wearing a hat from Aladdin!

The lighting in this pic makes Baby looks like she has the biggest pink lips and it makes me giggle!

Sister's hair is getting longer and I hope she keeps letting it grow. I'm crossing my fingers.

We, of course, had to get a few group shots after being inspired by all the great snapshots we had just seen.

So this entire Thursday was a Throw-back Thursday and I didn't even plan it that way.


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