Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Brisk Blizzard

After I got all three kids off to school, I checked my calendar and saw nothing but a photo shoot at 2:45. I was so excited because this meant that for the first time in a few months I would be able to take Ranger out on a good, long walk.

It was a bit brisk.

I put on my coat, gloves, hat and tennis shoes.

Then I started looking for Ranger's coat... hey guys, come on, he's a little guy and I just trimmed most of his fur off... anyway, I couldn't find his coat so I put on his scarf I knit for him, a t-shirt and I wrapped one of the kids scarfs around his body for extra warmth.

We were set.

Ranger was so excited!

He loves going for walks and today I was planning on taking him on a little hike because I didn't have to be anywhere for 5 1/2 hours... we were taking advantage of the time and getting some fresh air and exercise.

I kept feeling like I was forgetting something as we were walking through the neighborhood to the trail. I couldn't think of what it was so I just kept moving on.

After about 20 minutes of walking, I stopped because I just saw a cool looking shot. So I stopped to take one with my phone.

I was just captured by the curves of the path, the path edges, the fence line all flowing toward the clouds. It was just a calm, quiet and brisk day and Ranger and I were happy to be out.

I decided to cut through the cemetery and had to stop again to take a picture of this sight.

This just looked so perfect, standing in front of the Veterans' Memorial. The colors, the snow and how all the flags were all blowing straight.

Seconds after this photo snow began flowing in my face. I should have sensed something was up when all those flags were all blowing so straight and furiously.

The first 30 seconds of the wind blowing around me, I thought it was just a wind gust blowing up the powdery snow around us.


It was the beginnings of a blizzard.

That's when it hit me.

I realized what I had forgot.

I forgot to check the weather before we left.

Ranger and I had 30 or so minutes to get back home so we made the best of it with the wind blowing the snow sideways into our faces. At first it wasn't too bad and I thought, that maybe it would stop before we got home.

After about 2 minutes I realized it was getting worse...

We made it home safe and sound and a little wet and cold.

When I got to our door I realized what I had really forgotten. It wasn't checking the weather I forgot (although, that would have been a good idea).

I forgot that I had set aside this morning to help my sister, Jessie, move into her new house!


I just braved a blizzard when I should have been helping my sister move! I felt really bad. When I called to apologize she assured me they had enough help. I agreed to come help her later this week. I'm just excited to see her new place.

WARNING: I'm moving onto a new thought...

For the last week now I have looked a a special picture Sister drew for a school worksheet. She loves having me put her art on the fridge, she'll even hand me pictures and tell me to put them not he fridge.

She's also really into the United States Presidents.

So this picture she drew of Abraham Lincoln is the special picture I have had on the fridge that makes me smile every day.

Here's another picture that made me smile when I ran across it on Instagram. I just had to send it to Marc.

He laughed.

My UP for the day was getting to go to dinner with the Pinkalicious cast and seeing them again. It is cool how close you can get to fellow cast members. Even waiting for my dinner for 2 hours and being the last served turned out to be an UP because we got free dessert because of it.

All's well that ends well.

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