Sunday, March 22, 2015

What I Remember

Gee wiz!

Sorry everyone... I just seem to be finding it a priority to go to sleep these last few days.

I know, I hate leaving my fans feeling unfulfilled, but that is life, my friends.

(I REALLY hope that you all sensed the sarcasm in that)

So, again, this is short and sweet.

My goal, tomorrow, is to sit down and give you a real blog post.

I will do it.

I must do it.

OK. OK. I don't have too. I just really want to.

Is that OK?

Is it OK that I want to tell you all about my weekend, as much as I can remember at this point.

Which might not be much by tomorrow.


I think I am just getting old.

I forget things I did yesterday.

In fact, funny thing I read the other day that I must share:

My UP today?

Well, it was quite simple, really.

I didn't get my arms tugged on all through church.

That was nice.

And we had a family over for dinner tonight that we have not had here before.

It's always fun to have new people for dinner.

Old people are a little tough...


Get it!

People for dinner?



Day 80 of 365 days of Up

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vickit43 said...

I look forward to your blog and your up's, but I also understand completely how you can be so tired. Hope you get some good rest!