Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why are my arms so long?

Growing up I actually got teased for my long arms... OK, I got teased for a lot of things, but the point of talking about my arms has a point to my blog today.

Anyway, I do have long arms.

I think it may be possible that my arms may have lengthened from my children tugging on them continually.

Seriously, if it's not because they need sensory input it is because they need me to go somewhere or get something for them.

I have gone through this with all three, but mostly Brother and Baby as they have been the latest in developing speech. So Brother set a good precedence and got me ready for Baby to take over the arm yanking role.

I am not sure if it's that I am older or that it's my third child but I don't drop everything and run to follow Baby with her every whim-full arm yank.

I have had many people come and tell me the amazing amount of patience I have after they have witnessed the ongoing arm yanking. I especially receive admiration and/or praise when, along with the arm yanking, there is the face slapping, shoulder pushing, hair pulling and eye poking.

Just so you know, this all happened today just during the hour of Sacrament meeting...

Later, I was laughing with my sister, Kirsten, today who has a son with Fragile X, when we got talking about how hyper our kids can get. Then we got talking about how they hit us, slap us, pull our hair, run away, flop on the floor or yank our arms silly. We laughed because we both had a rough Sunday and were able to compare stories of someone in the ward saying that we "are amazing!" or "You have so much patience, I really wish I could be that patient!"

Kirsten and I looked at each other and said, "I don't think it's patience. I think it's numbness."

Then we really laughed.

Because it's true.

You become a little thicker skinned, a little longer-armed,  a little used to all the behavior because this is typical in our life.

My UPs today are that my arms are still attached even after all the yanking and hanging out at my parents for dinner.

Day 73 of 365 Days of Up

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