Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Can't Last Too Long...

Remember my "Quick Bike" post?

Well, it really wasn't a quick bike ride. Just the post was quick. We were actually gone for an hour or so. We took our niece, Yaya, with us.

See he cute little face smiling through the window of the bike trailer? She was so happy to be along for the ride.

We took part of this new biking and walking trail they finished here in Orem.
It goes through several cities. We went through three.

Just like a typical Y2K kid, she could only handle the scenery for so long. This is her "relaxing" with a good show on Netflix on my phone. Ha ha!

After our fun outing her mom came to pick her up and then Marc and I were getting ready for our big outing for the night.

Marc had been planning to take me to a local Thai Food restaurant and I had been planning on taking him to The Secret Garden musical at the Scera.

The food was great!

The play was great!

The company was impeccable!

I sure love this man!
I really, really love this picture of us! Marc always like to commemorate our dates with a photo.
 I was trying to teach him some of me photography skills with angles, who to hold the camera and lighting. It was tough teaching him the importance of angles in the harsh overhead lights of the theater... but he was having fun with it...
He's trying not to squint here. Ha! 
I was showing him how the lighting changes the shadows with our angle and then he just started getting goofy.
We decided he looks like a younger Kenny Rogers here...
 Anyway, we had a great time. We had never seen the musical before but have been fans of the movie and the play was great! We took a commemorative picture out front with the nostalgic Scera Billboard.

On Saturday we went and picked up Marc's parents in Santaquin and thenvheaded out to my sister, Jessie's new place and had sloppy joes and had a great time out there.

Our kids love it out there. It's fun to see the kids doing so many creative things together. They were building huts, playing games, feeding and brushing the pony, playing with the dogs, Ranger and Gunner, and they even started making movies. I can't wait to see the movies they are working on. They still have to finish them.

I'm getting super excited for the annual Easter party Jessie has at her house! It's gonna be epic this year! Especially since Daniel will be here! Yippee!

So those were all the UPs I didn't take the time to write about over the last few days.

Quite a few good ones, huh?

I think so.

Today I sent Baby to school since she had no more fever and woke up happy as a clam and ready to go to school. I took Ranger to his vet check-up and got the word that his ears are all good now, so no more meds! I got our tax info turned into our tax people. Then I popped into the Thrift Store and found a couple spiffy little things for me that I was quite happy about. I came home and got a bunch of schedules, pictures and charts laminated for the kids and some of their needs.

It was all UP.

Then, just before leaving for a meeting Marc showed me some hives that were all over Baby's torso...


It can't last for too long you know.

I might actually think life was easy.


Day 82 of 365 Days of Up

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