Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nothing Wise

I thought about playing an April Fools joke on you all...

but, that seemed so cliche.

So, I'll just write a regular post.

Nothing terribly exciting has happened.

That's never a great way to get readers interested in reading a post.


Let me try again.

It's amazing how, even though, it may seem like "nothing" there is always something special in your day.

It was so nice last night after dinner that the kids were just calm and un-needy for a few minutes and Marc and I were able to stand outside in our backyard in the coolness of the evening and talk about landscaping plans. He was even moving my garden boxes as we talked, and that was no small task. I have always said he is my Superman, though.

We looked around the yard deciding on where things could go and discovered new ground cover growing, old ground cover growing in stronger.

We talked about the tree that shades our entire yard that has probably been here longer than our house and how it might not last too many more years as we see some of the branches dying and falling.

It's the perfect tree so we are thinking hard about where and how to plant our next tree so it becomes just as great as the one that grows in our yard now.

This tree is great for our tree swing

great for shade in the summer

And is just great for pictures

So interesting how, as I typed that paragraph, I almost teared up.

Marc and I have to make sure that there are people in our children's lives after we are gone that can stand as strong as we have for them.

It's such a different way to think about when it comes to your children who have special needs. I don't think they will have a spouse that will take care of them and nourish and love them after we're gone. I don't think that they will have children who can be there for them when they get old.

We have to think about those kinds of things. Not like some parents do, as if we were to have something tragic happen before they are grown... no, it's more like when I'm 80 and Marc is 89 and thinking we can't take care of our adult children any more... who will be there to replace us.

It's that kind of reality we live in.


I try not to think about that too often.

It's not wise to stress about the future.

Well, OK, it's not wise to not stress about the future either.

If I want to survive my day to day life I can't think about it too hard.

I think about it sometimes though.

I have to say that we are very blessed to have the people we do in our lives because I know that we will have many people will jump at the chance to take on our children when they're 40 or so...


OK, then, I guess that's what happens when I am awake enough to think when I write.

Anyway, my UP!

My UP is that Sister has such a fun sense of humor and always gets me laughing. I love listening to her in her room making up stories and classroom lectures. She's a kick in the pants and will bring every aspect of what she's learned into her imaginative play.

Another UP.

Brother came home yesterday with notes letting me know about some of his class parties. It makes me so happy that he is involved in mainstream classes and gets to not only learn with fellow classmates but socialize too. He gets so excited about it. When he got home from school today he was practically leaping in the house as he told me how much fun his party was today.

So Baby is not a very interactive little sweetie. She tends to get into her own world and doesn't want to let you in. That is not an UP, but the times I am able to get into her world are. I love when I get to cuddle and talk to her and she makes eye contact with me and smiles and talks to me. She talks at me a lot, but talking to me moments are always treasured. Today I was just able to lay down by her on the floor and we "talked" with each other for a few minutes and we giggled together a lot.

Day 91 of 365 Days of Up

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