Thursday, April 9, 2015

100th UP Post... That's an UP!

Oh my goodness! So many UPs to tell you about!

I'll start at the beginning.

Which was last night at my mom and dad's.

We all got together at my parents' again so we could see Daniel and his family. (We try to get in what time we can.)

Sister usually goes off into grandma's office because she gets a little overwhelmed with the crowd.

I went in to tell her she needed to spend time with her cousins whom she doesn't see often and she got really upset and was on the verge of a meltdown. I offered to set her color timer for her on my phone (It's a free app called Color Time) but that didn't calm her down like it sometimes does. I walked away to see if without me there and the timer showing she would calm down. After a few minutes it was really quiet and I went in to check on her and her aunt Tynelle was in there with her asking her about what she was doing on RazKids. It melted me heart and was so neat to see Tynelle spending time like that with Sister. It really helped and Sister did end up finally socializing with her cousins.


Then, just about the time most people were leaving for home Sister came running in as excited as possible and informed me, proudly, that she had just lost a tooth!

I didn't know she even had a loose tooth.

I asked her where it was. It was one of her molars so I was really hoping she hadn't swallowed it like Brother and Baby have been known to do with their baby teeth.

I asked her where she was when she lost it and what she was doing.

She informed us that she had been in the play room eating gold fish crackers.

So we searched the floor of the toy-covered room to no avail.

Sister said, then, that she had been eating the crackers when she got something hard in her mouth and so she spit it out. We looked again in all the places she might have spit it and after a couple minutes Avery exclaimed that she had found the tooth!

She handed it to me and I began to laugh hysterically as I examined it because I could tell her story was true.

No, it wasn't because of my fantastical Sherlockian skills, but because there was clear evidence left on the missing tooth...


It still had gold fish cracker on it...

Sorry. I had to take a picture. It was too funny not to share.

After that Popo and Berry had decided they wanted to sleep over at grandma's. Of course, Sister had to sleep over too.

I didn't want her to miss the opportunity so I drove the 20 minute drive home with Marc and the other two kids, grabbed Sister's night time meds, her blanket, pillow and Tiggy (her favorite stuffed anima. Then I drove the 20 minutes back to her grandparents' house. I helped get her all settled in and even made sure to have everything set up for the "Tooth Fairy" to come.

Then I got in the car and drove 20 minutes back home.

I felt like such a nice mom.


I like those moments and it made Sister so happy to be sleeping over at grandma's while her cousins were there with her.

This morning I loaded the kids in the van, went and picked up Kirsten and her kids, took her to her car that her hubby had taken to work that morning and we headed over to mom and dad's again for another get together with Daniel and the family.

We had so much fun eating breakfast and lunch together. Talking together. Laughing together.

But the best part was what we did outside in the yard.

Daniel invited me to teeter-totter with him and that was just too much fun!


Then there was a kind of DOWN/UP.

The seats on the teeter-totter were not comfortable, nor made for larger bums.

I thought that was bad enough until Kirsten pointed at my butt after I got off and started laughing.


"What?" I asked everyone.

The seats were old, black. and dirty.

Never wear light-colored pants while trying to reenact childhood on a teeter-totter.

Here's the reason why.

Ya. I don't typically post pictures of my bum on the internet, but this just had me laughing. I mean, look at the marks on this pants. I guess it's just proof that the seat really was too small... Please laugh, or I have posted my butt in vain... Ha!!!

Another UP was the fact that Sister did really, really well on the shopping trip that Tynelle took Sister, Berry and LittleB on today. She just wanted to take them to pick out an outfit, just because and she even treated them to lunch. Sister had so much fun and was well-behaved. Tynelle said she even tried on clothes and then would come out and do a spin and say, "My mom is gonna love this!"

I am so thankful for my supportive family!

The rest of my UPs I am going to let the pictures tell the story. I will say, though, that we are getting serious about the giant bubbles. It has become our quest to make the right solution.


Oh, and guess what!

This is my 100th UP post!!

Time flies when you're UP!
Day 100 of 365 Days of Up

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