Monday, April 20, 2015

Trailing Memories

We decided we needed to make more family memories by going camping more often, but the tent was just getting too complicated with such a varying age of kids.

So, in 2007, we bought a 1983 twenty-four foot camp trailer.

I mean, heck, we had our huge Suburban to pull it with so why not, right?

I LOVED our trailer and so did the kids.

So many awesome memories.

I am sad, though, that baby won't have many memories of it.

We sold it today.

We haven't used it for 3 years now.

So even though it is sad to let go of memories, it is an UP to have some money in our pocket.

It was also an UP that it sold so fast.

We only had it listed for 5 minutes before our first call and he was the one who took it home tonight.

It was really cute, too, because he was excited to buy it and fix it up because it is just like the one he had when his kids were young.

To commemorate, I found a few pics of our trailer. No pics of Baby in the trailer as she was a bun in the oven for part of the time and the other times, I guess we didn't get a picture of her inside or near the trailer...

This was a campout when we had Jessie and Joel's Family, and Daniel and Tynelle's family up for the party.

This was always a great place for the coloring and games.
Kirsten wasn't even married yet on this trip, she came to hang out with us.

The oven made a great dryer when things got wet...

Marc and a younger Tynelle

Sister loved her spot on the top bunk

She played hard when we camped

First and only time we ever got stuck with our trailer and it ended up being an overnighter

Brother LOVED coloring

I did the cooking and entertaining

Could she be any cuter
So this year has brought some little goodbyes so far with trading in our Suburban for the van and now selling our trailer.

I'm excited to see what we get to say hello to with our trailer money... maybe I'll actually have a working shower in my master bathroom! Yipee!

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