Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My dirty window

We had some crazy weather yesterday here in Utah. First it was crazy windy and it was blowing dirt and dust every where. Then the rain came and it mixed in with the blown dust and made for a muddy rain. Then the snow came... is this April?


Anway, the muddy rain did a number on my big, front, picturesque window in our front room. It was driving me crazy to not be able to look out at a snow covered Mt. Timpanogos through a clear window.

So I took the time to clean it and it was no easy chore.

There came more snow today so it wasn't warm outside either so when I had to take the side windows out to be able to lean out and wash the main window it was quite chilly.

It also is a little hard to wash muddy rain off of a window. You just kind of swirl the mud around on the first sweep, and the second and the 3rd.

I did finally get them clean.

I realized after getting the window clean and sitting to enjoy my magical view that I had kind of gone through this same thing yesterday.

I was in a blah mood because I had been letting a situation that has been hurtful to me cloud my vision of the happiness in my life.

Being hurt does that to you sometimes... distorts your view.

It does take a lot of work and skill to clean the hurt away enough that you can see the great things that are happening in front of you.

I was reminded of that yesterday when, shortly after I posted I went to Brother's track meet.

I was trying to help motivate him so I ran along the sidelines with him. It was really tough not to let tears flow as I ran beside him listening to his classmates cheer him on.

I am so proud of him!

That was my ultimate UP moment, especially when after he placed second in the 100 meter that we saw our Bishop cheering Brother on and waiting to take our picture together.

That's it for today... oh, my UP this morning was when Baby woke up and came to greet me with a big squeeze. She then saw the snow outside and said, "Look, is that snow?"

"Look, is that snow!!!!???"

She said a whole sentence voluntarily!

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