Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Well Seasoned

I am so thankful for seasons.

It really makes you appreciate each one when you actually get to enjoy all four of them here in Utah.

I love fall for all the colors and the family gatherings it seems to bring. I love winter for it's wonderland of white and all the adventurous and home bounding activities it brings. I love spring awakening new growth and vibrant colors after all the white turns a little gray. I love summer for it's late bright nights, open windows, picnics and popsicles.

Today was a bright spring day and I really felt the warmth of the sun and the light of its rays.

I'm glad I did.

I had Baby's IEP and 3-year evaluation this morning, and though, I was cheery, jovial and optimistic through the entire meeting, I realized, once I got home, that it really does wear me out to have to come to terms with all that our daughter can and can't do.

I love her so much. I love every quirk and every strength and I just want to squish her because I love her so much. It is tough, though, to realize that she has taken on all of Brother's and Sister's quirks plus her own. As of now, she is our lowest functioning, most affected by Autism, child.

It's always rough to be yanked from your realm of "reach for the highest and just keep looking up" to take a pause in reality and see that your child is still struggling.

My life has had many seasons.

We all have...

seasons of life.

Right now my season of life is well, not what I had forecasted it to be when I was 21.

I'm realizing that predicting my life is about as tough as predicting the weather... I just wish I had a green screen and a cute little outfit to wear so that I could at least predict life with a little flair.

When I got home I decided I needed to enjoy the sunshine from outside and not just through a window.

I love our back yard in the spring and summer!
At dinner time I was reminded that part of the life season I am in now is that all three of our kids, in some way or other, like to hang with each other once in a while.

It was awesome because Brother set up the table (with Marc's help) and Baby pulled out a chair (with my help) to join him. It wasn't long before Sister was out there too.

I took a picture to commemorate another UP moment in my season.

How could I possibly dwell on what our kids can't do when we experience seasons like this?

OK, so this lasted all of 10 minutes before Baby decided that her inaugural bite of chicken was the famous last one, Sister began to FREAK out about the flies that came to visit and I had to get after Brother to hurry so we could make it to Mutual, but the point is, it happened.

I have to keep remembering that good does happen in every season, however short or long.

And I am starting to feel that I am becoming well seasoned.

Ah, yes, family is the spice of life!

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