Monday, April 6, 2015

Tots and English Chips

This weekend was jam packed full of UPs.

I told you about one of them already, now I can tell you a few more.

After Brother and I got back from the ballet Saturday afternoon we packed up our van full of pillows, blankets, sleeping pads, clothes toys and toothbrushes while we listen to the second session of LDS General Conference. Then at the close of that session we were off for our little "get-away" to Jessie and Joel's house to sleep over for Easter and be able to spend time with Daniel and his family.

We got to J&J's about dinner time. We packed in our stuff, settled in a bit and then we two families went to the "famous" Reed's Drive-In" there in the small town of Nephi. Definitely some of the best tater tots I've ever had. Some great fish and English chips which reminded me of being a kid again. English chips were always my favorite fast food to get. My mom used to buy a small size of them if she had left over money from grocery shopping or if we got paid a couple of bucks for performing (we sang as a family and performed for various events). With 4 or 5 of us sharing a small, it usually came down to getting 4 or 5 chips to eat. Maybe that's why they tasted so good, is because we had to savor each bite.

Anyway, I was so happy that our kids were doing so well in the restaurant. There were a few little glitches, but nothing we weren't able to smooth over with a distraction.

So after a fun meal and good company Jessie and I were feeling confident enough to let the guys head home to watch the Men's LDS Conference session while we and the girls went to the store to get a few last minute things for our Easter party.

Confidence is so over rated.

Confidence means nothing when you have children who get overwhelmed or overstimulated in a store.

And mind you, this was a small store, in a small town.

So when I was running down the isles trying to calmly yell Sister's name telling her to stop and come here, it's not like it went unnoticed.

Then Baby started in on the bull-headed attitude and Jessie and I had to split forces in order to contain my two girls, leaving LittleB to fend for herself in the mayhem of what were my overstimulated daughters.

While Jessie was able to barely make it through the line with a wriggling Baby because of the courtesy of another customer who let her cut in line, I was chasing and wrestling my 9-year-old out to the car.

Once we were all in Jessie turned to me and said, "You should have warned me or told me it wasn't going to work. What was I thinking?"

We both started laughing because I don't know what either of us were thinking.

Confidence means nothing when you having ticking time bombs for children.

Anyway, we got home and were getting things settled in and just hanging out when we got the call that Daniel and Tynelle would be there in 30 minutes.

We were all so excited we could hardly handle it.

Me and the kids were all out in the front driveway waiting for them.

When they finally pulled up we all began to scream and jump up and down with excitement.

Tynelle made me day when she said, "For a second I thought you were one of the kids out there jumping up and down. You don't look like your back bothers you anymore!"

Compliments are always an UP!

We talked, hung out, made a fire outside and roasted marshmallows and then talked some more.

It was so good to see Daniel and his family again. Their kids are so grown up.

Jessie's kids had set up all the rooms complete with door numbers and descriptions so we all knew where we would be. I twas so sweet and I wish I had taken a picture just because it was so sweet.

Come bed time, all us adults sat up stuffing and hiding baskets while the kids all dozed off to sleep

I'm not sure if it's just that I'm really tired or that I'm getting to that part in my recap where we all go to bed, but, I am tired and have to end there.

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