Saturday, April 18, 2015

A list of 6

I know that I am technically too late for it to be Friday, but I am still awake. Therefore it is still Friday.

I had some good UPs today.

1) Going on an outing with Marc while the kids were in school.

2) Marc and I taking Baby to lunch.

3) Taking a picture of Sister wearing the shirt I got her for the 3rd day in a row... she's never liked a shirt quite that much

AND right along with #3 is that Sister made her teacher wear the tie and pocket square she gave him this morning. He was so sweet to oblige and even sent a picture.

His signature is bowties so when Marc and I saw a bowtie with bowties on it, we had to get it for him.

4) Rehearsal (choreography)

5) The sun beginning to set after an early out rehearsal

6) Because I came home early I was able to go with Brother to take Ranger out on a walk. It was so nice to talk to him.

When we first started on our walk, Brother said to me, "Well, this is quite boring."

I replied, "Well, thanks, I love you too."

He then said, "Oh, I mean this is fun mom."

I love that kid!

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