Sunday, April 19, 2015

Their UPs are my UPs

Gary, Marc's dad, has been wanting to take the kids to a train museum up in Ogden for quite a while now.

He knows how much our kids love trains.

All kinds of trains, real or not, they love trains!

Today was the day.

I wasn't able to go because I had rehearsal during the time they were going but both Marc and his dad got me plenty of pictures.

It made me so happy to see them happy.

It's really neat when family goes out of their way to do things for our children.

It's not easy.

But, oh, so worth it.

Both Marc and Gary were worn out when all was said and done, but I know they won't be able to stop talking about it... them, or the kids. In fact, Sister couldn't stop talking about it, and you couldn't wipe the smile of her face as she told me about the golden spike, how big the wheels were, how big the trains were, how they got to ride the train to see the trains.

Lindsey went along to help. Math says it's better odds having 3 on 3, but so does common sense.

Marc and Gary were happy for the help, and I think it gave more times that they could be with the kids one on one.

I smiled as texts came rolling in during my rehearsal.

Brother was amazed that the wheels were taller than him.

I love that Baby is relaxing to the fullest on the train ride home.

Then Gary had more to share from his camera when they got home.

At the Orem Frontrunner (train) station. You can see Brother can barely contain his excitement!

Sister loves her Lindsey, but check out the scenery whizzing by the windows!

They got lunch there at a little place near the train museum.

So cute!

This is a picture of Marc getting a picture that is in the ones above.

I think the kids were pretty excited to see how big the trains really are

Ha! Brother's face!

There's Brother pointing to the golden spike that was nailed in to symbolize the east and west tracks coming together at Promontory Point, Utah. Sister, the history buff, was so excited for me to see the spike.

They were pretty excited about the handcar too.

At the train station in Ogden. (Sister informed me they went all the way to Oregon! I love her mispronunciations!)

Happy on the train!

To top of Marc's busy day we went to a Scera cast alumni dinner and then to the play, Guys and Dolls. I always love being with my hubby, but I do especially love laughing with him at the theater.

I saw a quote on the back of one of my fellow cast members sweatshirts today.

It is going to be a motto for me.

"Happiness is a skill.
It requires effort and time."
—Andrew Weil

I am glad that I have learned the skill of finding happiness from others' happiness, and I am thankful I am striving everyday to put in the effort and time my own happiness needs. 

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