Friday, April 3, 2015

Granny and Fannie

My UPs today are actually not anything to do with my family.

There were plenty of them all through the day but, I just want to share these two.

So I was shopping at Smith's today, with Baby, I might add... that is amazing in and of itself. Anyway, I was shopping the case lot stuff when I heard some good old Beatles music playing over the load speakers of the store. It seemed a little but louder than usual but it was a song I liked and so I didn't really mind.

I noticed, though, that as I got closer to the cases of Peanut butter that there was this granny-looking lady singing her little heart out to the song and the music was getting louder. I laughed in my head as I thought, "that's what I feel like doing." Then I noticed that she had her phone or iPod hooked up to some bluetooth speakers and she had her jams cranked up and she was rocking out!

It wasn't the store music playing.

It was her music playing.

She passed by me in the store a few times and I had to giggle when I noticed she was wearing a tie-dye shirt and shorts and had long gray hair jamming out to some Journey. She was a hoot. She wasn't like "crazy lady" she was like, "I don't care what you think of me, I love my grooves and I'm keepin' it real!"

Then I saw her loading her car when I came out to the parking lot and she smiled at me as she was dancing while putting her groceries in the car.

I knew right then that that was going to be one of my UPs today.

I went to Costco (this time with Brother and Baby in tow) soon after the Smith's trip and when I was looking at the mountains of pears and pineapple I heard another Beatle's song blaring out and I thought how coincidental that was until I saw the same groovin' granny jamming out with her gigantic Costco shopping cart! She was here again. And she didn't just save this show for Smith's, nope! She was bring this to a bigger venue.

Again, I kept hearing her down the isles.

Every time, I'd see tie-dye out of the corner of my eye hearing Katy Perry, Beatles, Journey, or anything else on her play list.

That was memorable.

Then tonight at rehearsal for Mary Poppins...

no the old lady in tie-dye was not there...

At rehearsal I found out that I get to be a character called Fannie (one of Mrs. Corry's very tall daughters) and I get to use stilts! How awesome is that!? Finally my height doesn't hinder me in a role! yay!

Ha! This makes me laugh as I couldn't fit the part better... HUGE smile, tall brunette... a little goofy looking... Hee hee!

My dad did always tell me to stand tall! (wink)

So excited for this play!!! Can't wait till you all get to see it!

Day 92 of 365 Days of Up

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