Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Makes me a merrier me!

"I love to laugh! Ha ha ha ha! Loud and long and clear!"

Have you ever seen that scene in Mary Poppins?

That's always been one of my favorite scenes and one of my favorite songs to sing when I'm feeling goofy.

I feel like Uncle Albert when I laugh a lot... you just can't get me down.

I love the line where he sings, "...it makes me a merrier me..."

Laughing is my high.

My laugh is my signature.

I have been told that when people hear my laugh in an audience or a crowd, the know it's me. I even had the awesome compliment once of wanting my laugh to be their ringtone so they would know it was me when I called.

At rehearsal tonight, I just couldn't stop laughing. Don't get me wrong, I was still on task... most of time... but I just couldn't quit laughing. I was having so much fun.

I'm high on life.

Maybe part of my "high" was the fact that Sister did so well at the Dentist today.

I had her "friend" Courtney come meet us at the dentist office and she sat with her while she had her teeth checked and cleaned and Sister was as pleasant as a clam! (Are clams pleasant? ... Anyway...) I think I might actually get lucky with her and she won't react to the dentist the way Baby and Brother do.

Thank heavens! At least one of my three kids might make it through having their teeth checked.

Maybe it was because Baby let me play with her today. No, really, I was able to play with her and get her to interact with me while she played with her pony. For the first time ever she didn't freak out and hit me for trying to involve myself in her imaginary play! She actually played with me as we had a little dialogue. Granted, I had to follow the unwritten "script" of the things I knew she would want me to say, but, hey, I'm not picky!

Maybe it's because I only had to ask Brother twice today to unload the dishwasher instead of 10 times.

Maybe the things I am doing are finally pushing the dark cloud further away.

Or maybe it was because for 3 hours I was surrounded by friends as we sang and danced to songs that are all about finding the good, the better and reaching for the stars. It may have even been that I was just in a down right goofy mood.

Whatever it was, it felt good.

Up today!
Day 112 of 365 Days of Up

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