Monday, April 27, 2015

Dizzy, but Happy

Sorry, I was feeling really dizzy the last couple of nights and looking at a computer screen was one of the last things I felt like doing with my head spinning.

Anyway, now that everything is stationary, I'll give you the quick UPs of the weekend.

Saturday started off great with a really fun blocking rehearsal for Mary Poppins.

Happy, that again, for the second time, I was able to find my green sunglasses... I left them at rehearsal earlier that week
Happy to have my bright coral lipstick match the bright coral jacket and shoes of my fellow players!

I am amazed at how much I enjoy being part of a production. I just can't wipe the smile off of my face the entire time I am there. I am really enjoying getting to know new people and feeling part of a production family.

I'm not sure if I have just been extremely lucky, but all 3 plays I have been a part of have had amazing people involved and has made every experience amazing!

When I got home I started to straighten up the table and just had to stop and take a picture of Baby's artwork on one of my folders because it made me smile.

Saturday got even better when Marc and I were able to go out to a little town called Oakley for his friend's 60th birthday party. The drive was beautiful even with the rain. Then we get to the house that the party is at and that was beautiful too! It was this HUGE home set on 25 beautiful acres in the middle of this small town of green rolling hills surrounded by mountains. I felt like I was in Europe again! So of course we had to take some pictures.

One of the big UPs I will mention briefly was talking to someone I had just met and finding out that their 3-year-old nephew had just been diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome and my knowledge and experience with it gave them excitement and hope. It always makes me feel good to foster hope with newly diagnosed families. The other plus to meeting these new people is that they are awesome and we are really hoping to get to have them over soon.

Sunday we were able to go to my parents house and we laughed a LOT!

And watching the our kids excitement as they watched Mary Poppins and exclaiming how excited they are for the play!

Brother and MrT just chillin'

Oh, and I can't forget to post the picture of the robin's nest that was made in one of the windows of my parents house. Sister was so excited she could hardly handle it. So I tried my best to take a picture through the window so that she would have something to remember it by.

Today, my up was going to take photos for my cousin in downtown Provo.

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