Sunday, April 5, 2015

Brother at the Ballet

So many UPs.

So little time tonight.

I am just going to focus on one UP for my post tonight and then, I promise, I will post all about our Easter Festivities.

The opportunity to take Brother to a Utah Regional Ballet Performance was sent home in flyer form from Sister's class. They were having a free noon performance at the Scera Center for the Arts on Saturday for families affected by Autism.

I've never been to a ballet.

I've seen a few scenes of various ones on TV.

Frankly, they bored me to death... that's why I'd only seen scenes.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect so I had Lindsey come with us, just in case.

So there were 3 of us.

We weren't sure if there would be a line, so we got there early.

There was no line.

The doors weren't open either.

I was starting to think maybe I had read the flyer wrong.

Brother was getting a bit antsy.

Finally we were on our way to our seats for the performance.

My jaw literally dropped when the dancing began.

It was truly beautiful and so amazing!

Ballet is such a beautiful way of expressing music and story.

Brother's eyes didn't wander, ever for a second, to look away from the stage.

He was completely enamored.

The dancers were amazing!


Course, what do I know, I'm no dancer.

But, I am a lover of anything that goes on in a theater and I really was touched by the entire performance.

I think more than anything, though, I felt so privileged to have Brother sitting next to me enjoying a lovely cultural experience in an atmosphere that I knew he was welcome in.

He "sang" with many of the songs, "whispered" in my face what things meant or questioned me.

He held my hand for some of the performance and that just added to my overflowing pot of happiness.

I can't thank enough all the groups that make these kinds of activities available for families affected by Autism (or Fragile X Syndrome in our world).

So many UPs in that 2 hour block of time.

I asked Brother what was his favorite part and he replied, "I loved the smoke!"

He was talking about the fog  created by the fog machine. In talking to him more I came to understand that that meant he liked the dance sequences that were backdropped by "fog."

Day 94 of 365 Days of Up

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seesuerun said...

He has such an amazing spirit Rachael! You can just feel it! When he was standing next to you at the Easter hunt I thought my heart was going to burst! What a special experience!