Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sharing Gifts

We got a sneak peek of the 3-minute documentary we were filmed for on Monday.

I am so impressed at what our friend put together. It's amazing!

I can't share the video, but I hope it's OK that I stole a little clip from it for you to see:

I am just so thankful that someone who has the talent of making films was desirous to share his talent as a service to help spread the word about Fragile X Syndrome.

I'm truly amazed.

I love being surrounded by talented people who are willing to share them freely to benefit and change others' lives.

I just spent the last 5 hours surrounded by the cast of "Mary Poppins."

This cast is spilling over with talent and not just in acting and singing.

I see those who share their love of cooking and baking to feed the cast and brighten their day. I see those how can make everyone smile, give hugs freely, share laughter, inspire, lift up, and teach.

I love that we have all been given talents in all shapes and sizes to help all of us who are in all shapes and sizes.

It's truly amazing and "practically perfect" that we all have a chance to interact and know each other and share our gifts.

Being blessed with talented and giving people in my life is something I am definitely thankful to say is my UP today.

Day 149 of 365 Days of Up

Oh, and P.S. Other than Baby throwing up one of her antibiotics she is still getting better. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep her from spitting her meds out...

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