Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Simple Smile

I can't tell you enough how this goal I made at the beginning of the year of blogging about the "UP" in my day, everyday (well almost) has helped me through some tough times.

I mean, I'm not saying my life is perfect.

No, far from that.

I am just amazed at how focusing on my UPs has kept me focused on the UPs... know what I mean? I'm no longer focusing on the hard things. They're still there and I tell you about them sometimes, but keeping a positive outlook can really make a difference in wanting to move forward each day.

It's not always easy to find the UPs.

You've read them.

Sometimes it's the fact I got my laundry done... really, that should tell you it was a rough day but I found something positive.

I have to admit, I laugh at myself sometimes because I want to stay depressed or ornery and then I think, "But I have to find an UP to blog about today." Sometimes peer pressure is good.

I'm not sure that the cyber world of blogging is really peer pressure, but I feel like I made a promise to someone out there and I need to keep it.

I guess, really, that person is myself.

Today could have been one of those kind of days that I could have just been like, "meh," not because it was awful, it just wasn't exciting.

Well, it wasn't exciting until after play rehearsal tonight when I was sitting in my car responding to some missed texts when out of nowhere one of my fellow cast members yelled through my open window and scared me so bad that I screamed and then had to scream again because I wasn't done getting all my screaming out. It was funny. It really was. I was completely taken off guard.

I haven't been that scared since I was a kid and my dad would hide behind the door and scare me when I walked into a room!

Don't worry, it was all in good fun. I scared my dad too. It was a game, really. I still play it to this day, only I'm usually the one doing the scaring...

So, I guess as far as exciting goes, that took the cake.

But my UP was seeing this smile on Sister's face in the picture Dr. H sent me:

They had a special fishing field trip today at Salem Pond and Sister looks forward to it every year! Dr. H said that she was happy to tell him who lives where and how many times she's seen things before.

I love that girl.

I'm so proud of her.

She is so social.

That's my simple UP.

Day 132 of 365 Days of UP

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vickit43 said...

I love your up blog! It helps me look for ups in my day.We are so busy looking for the downs and finding a great pity party! Thanks for your ups!!