Sunday, May 10, 2015

I Just Wanna Be Me

This is the post I started late last night:

Well I was only up with the "baby" twice last night.


Oh, and her name is Jasmine.

Brother sleeps like a log so theres no way that baby doll was waking him up with her "cries." So I, now known as "grandma," would head down, get her out of her play pen, take her into Brother so he could hold her for a groggy 2 seconds and then I would sit there listening to her "slurp" from her bottle.

Oh the things I do so that my kids can feel included with their peers.

Note to Self:
Next time one of my kids has a Child Development class, go ahead and let them bring home the baby, but don't have the teacher activate it to act real.

I think Brother really has been doing a better job than I ever thought.

It's his panic attacks that get me. It's hard to watch. Even though we are helping him he just doesn't understand that it's OK if the baby cries.


That's as far as I got before I fell asleep.

I guess that tells you how tired I was.

I do want to tell you though, all the UPs of yesterday.

To finish about Brother and his Baby, whom he named Jasmine, I think his answer to Marc yesterday sums up the experience pretty well.

Marc was with the kids all day while I was on a photoshoot and at play rehearsal and he said that Brother took care of Jasmine really well and he hardly had to help him. So Marc paid him a compliment, "You're such a good daddy."

Brother hung his head and whimpered, "I just wanna be me."

When I got home from my days events, Brother let himself fall apart a bit. I guess he feels more comfortable to "melt" when I am around. Right when this happened, though, Marc's parents showed up for a Mothers Day weekend visit while they were up our way.

Grandma Lynne could see how frustrated Brother was getting and offered to hold Jasmine for him for a while. I just wish I had gotten a picture of her holding it. It was pretty cute!

Since we were talking all about babies and the challenges Brother was having, Sister decided to get her dolls and her doll clothes out and bring them into the living room.

Well, when you get doll clothes, a small dog, and Grandpa Gary in the same room you, of course, get a dressed up dog...

pretty in pink
After we wished Lynne a happy Mothers Day and got to visit for a while I started getting dinner ready for a special dinner guests.

This isn't something I typically do.

Well, I have actually never done it.

We had Sister's teacher and his wife to our house for dinner.

Dr. H has made such a huge impact on Sister's life and I don't want someone who has been such a strong influence for her betterment to disappear from her life. So I hope that there can be a friendship there between families

I was a little nervous about it because I wasn't sure how Sister would react to her school teacher being at home, but on Wednesday afternoon Brother's soon-to-be high school teacher came to visit us to get to know him and his family so that she could be a better teacher for him. I realized then, that the situation with our children's teachers are that they are with them for a long time, usually, at least, 3 years. They do get to know your students very well and you become like a family unit in a way.

I am thinking I should have been having all their teachers over for some conversation and dinner. So, if you are Brother's or Baby's teachers this year you might just be getting an invite to dinner sometime!

It was so nice to see the concern and genuine compassion Sister's teacher has for her. She was very blessed to have him in her life. We found out that he and his wife love hiking so maybe we can keep the friendship up with some fun hikes!

So that was a big UP for Saturday.

After dinner...

I just want to skip to today and forget anymore fake baby caregiving... it was tough and as Brother informed us today, "I'm tired of the baby business." I'm just glad it was scheduled for deactivation tonight at 9pm. (Sigh of relief inserted here.)

getting her fed before church this afternoon
There were SO many UPs today!

I mean it was Mothers Day after all.

It started off great with the kids waking me up bright and early and then Marc giving me a homemade Mothers Day card, which I love! It was so cute and he actually did such a good job on it I thought it was a store-bought card at first. I should have taken a picture of that too... wait, I'll try it right now...

They're backwards, but you'll get the idea:

I love that I am a stick figure with awesome biceps! He totally got it!

Another UP of the day was seeing Brother in the new blazer Marc picked up for him to wear to church. He looks so handsome!

I had to sneak this picture at church.

Marc snuck this one while he was putting hymn books away

And I tried hard to get him to pose with daddy, but he wasn't really keen on getting is picture taken today...

Then we went to my parents' house and we just had a great time roasting hotdogs and laughing and talking. It just made my whole day! 

And I am not sure what this weekend had going on for grandparents and our dog, Ranger but my mom dressed him up today in a chicken costume...

Yep, he's a good sport! It looks like he is ready to celebrate Mardi GrĂ¡!
After dinner we went to pick up the stilts I am using in the Mary Poppins play at the Scera.

I wanted to get into my pajamas when I got home. So I did.

Then I saw my stilts sitting there and thought I would give them some practice...

Oh, I was having so much fun.

I was feeling so good on them I was even able to bend over and pick up Baby from the floor and hold her in my arms! So I thought, what the heck I'll try to give some knee lifts and had to have Marc take a picture then!

Literally UP!

Days 129 and 130 of 365 Days of Up

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