Thursday, May 21, 2015

Singing in the Rain

Monday was an eventful day.

It started off pretty normal with getting kids off to school and taking Ranger for a morning walk. One of my happy moments every day is the view of Mt. Timpanogos so I take a picture sometimes from where I stand.

I had a lot of editing and design work to do on Monday so after I got ready for the day and got some laundry going I was about to start working when all the lights went out.

I thought it was our circuit breaker again or some other random thing and didn’t think much of it until I got a phone call from Baby’s bus driver telling me that she couldn’t come down the street because of the power line that was down.



Wow! So it was a big deal that our power was out…

I arranged to walk to the opposite corner to meet the bus driver and on the way over I got a text from a friend. Her husband got a great shot of what caused the downed power line.

That made me laugh. I mean I wasn’t happy about the power being out but the fact that the driver didn’t think to lower the dump bed before driving off kind of struck me funny.

It also struck me funny that Brother's bus driver called me too and I had to walk down and meet her in the same place. It made for a little adventure.

Later in the afternoon I took Sister to the doctor and the fact that every road I take to get there is towered by mountains made me smile and take a second to capture the sight from the car.

When I got home from Sister's appointment it was so cute to see Baby in full concentration playing in her box of beans.

This is a great sensory Activity. You can use beans, split peas, noodles, or rice. Then you hide little things inside and they dig through and pick them out. I like beans because they are easy to clean up, but rice is a great thing to dig through.

Tuesday night we had rehearsal at the Scera Shell, outside, in the rain.

I love singing in the rain... That thought really did hit me a few times, "How often do I really get to 'sing in the rain?'"

So the rain coming down was part of my UP!

So we haven't mowed our lawn yet. I mean, it is spring and it has been raining a lot so we have some pretty thick and tall grass. It's not because of the rain, though, that we haven't mowed our lawn, it's because our lawn mower needs fixing.

Well, Wednesday afternoon I heard a lawn mower going and I just figured it was one of the neighbors...

It was one of the neighbors... mowing our lawn! Travis was out there mowing our front yard and it was no easy task. It brightened my whole day!

My other UP on Wednesday was actually in the morning just before I sent Sister off to school. I gave her a little hair cut. She's been growing it out but some of it was getting to that awkward stage (the mullet) so I just trimmed and cleaned it up a bit before her bus got there.

The haircut wasn't my UP.

The smile afterward was.

Soon after she got to school I got  text from Dr. H showing me what he had written down, but she had told him the answers. The answers are in Sister's own words and I love them!

I am so thankful that she recognizes her talents and how they help her.
I want her to be a strong, confident and kind girl, I think she is right on track.

Today, my UP was feeling like I accomplished a little something in my role as the leader of the Fragile X Association of Utah. Yes, I had given that up, but only for a year. Maybe, if I get things really rolling then some one else will come along and take the reins.

Hmmm... I am sensing a theme with "rain" today.

Life is hard and you sometimes have to learn to sing even when it rains.

I'm singing!!!!

Day 141 of 365 Days of Up

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