Monday, May 25, 2015

There's a snake on my boot!

We were filmed for a short film documentary today!

This is where we clipped the microphone instead of at me waist. It looks like there was a snake on my boot...
(name that movie)

It was a lot of work, though, t and preparation, but it it was a lot of fun!

The kids all slept over at my parents' last night so that we could have our interviews done in our home.

It was good for me to answer questions that gave me an opportunity to talk about Our Life, our journey.

The video should be up by the end of this week so I am hoping to share it with all of you.

The other UP of the day happened after dinner and I was longing to be outside.

I talked with neighbors and tried to keep Baby and Ranger in the front yard...

It was getting to be bedtime and I gave Sister he 15 minute reminder and she begged me to draw a LEGO guy on the sidewalk. I was so happy that she asked me to do that. I've missed chalking.

Not bad for 15 minutes.

It became even happier when the neighbor kids and Avery started showing their creativity.

Sister's LEGO baby

I love that he drew what I was drawing and he did so well! Cute! 
It says, "Help Each Other."
Day 145 of 365 Days of Up

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