Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Postponed Post

I keep postponing writing in my blog these last couple of days because I want to have time to really write down my feelings and not JUST the UPs.

I still don't have the time... well, let's just say I've had some late nights and interrupted nights so staying up to blog doesn't really appeal to me at the moment.

So, I'll make a deal with you. I'll give you the quick UPs of the last 3 days, a funny quote from Sister, and then I'll give you the details of, at least, Tuesday tomorrow.



Because, you really have no choice.

Monday... I can't even remember Monday... I am sure there was an up... let me think...


Oh, ya! Monday was a bit of a rough day but ended well with play rehearsal. Holy cow! Can I just say I LOVE being in plays! I love this cast I'm with! I can't believe how much fun we have together and how well we work together! It's awesome!

Tuesday the big UP was that I was able to go the the Payson LDS Temple Open House with Marc and Brother! That is the UP that I really want to write about because there were so many little blessings throughout that day that it will never be forgotten.

And today, my UP was that I met a tight deadline for a design job and because of that, got another job.

Days 124, 125 and 126 of 365 Days of Up

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