Sunday, May 3, 2015

Frog Legs

Baby came out of her Sunday School class with the cutest little handout ever.

I just had to take a picture.

I had to take a lot of pictures, and I never really got a good one. Taking a picture of her is pretty comparable to trying to catch a squirrel... it doesn't happen very often.

I want to show you the series of pictures I took, it's just funny and keeps me UP.

This one is the best of the lot.

So I just took a picture of it on my lap.

I just thought it was such a cute handout to use chocolate truffles to look like the gold plates of the Book of Mormon. I want to make them for my Young Women one day.

After church tonight it was just us at home for a simple dinner and it was so nice to just be.

We didn't do anything really special, just talked and ate.

But when we can do that it is always an UP for me.

My most favorite UP of today was that I took time to do a little sidewalk chalk art.

It felt good to be out there putting color on the sidewalk to cheer everyone up who passed by. I love how happy people get when they see chalk art, it's like magic.

I didn't have a thought in mind or anything particular other than I saw a frog on one of the kids' books and it made me smile so I drew that and added balloons.

I mean, who doesn't like a frog who holds balloons... hey I think there's a scene in a Muppet Movie with Kermit the Frog floating away with balloons in hand. Maybe that was my subconscious inspiration behind the idea...

Anyway, hope it makes you smile.

I love the skinny frog legs!

Oh, and a little giggly side note, I do get some visitors while I am chalking, but they're usually human. This little visitor wasn't quite the norm but he wasn't going away either. He especially wouldn't leave my friend, Amberlee, alone so I finally took a picture.

It didn't come back after that.

A little camera shy, I guess.

Good night.

I'm tired now.

Day 124 of 365 days of UP

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