Monday, May 18, 2015

Brother's Escalante Escape

I feel bad, but I am going to have to split my UPs for Saturday into more than one post.

1) Because there were so many UPs
2) Because I have decided to choose sleep tonight

So I am going to start with my biggest UP of the weekend.

My biggest UP, was one I wasn't even a part of. I had nothing to do with it. But, because it was a monstrous accomplishment for Brother it automatically topped my UP list.

Marc has been planning this backpack trip to Escalante for a few months now and hoped Brother would come with him. He had been there before so it was familiar.

Brother can be very brave but he can also be very stubborn and sometimes his stubbornness is so stubborn that it makes his backpack trips look a little too hard for him.

Marc and Brother got home on Saturday afternoon after leaving Thursday night. As soon as he was able to get out of the car Brother couldn't stop telling me about his trip. He had had so much fun and was so happy about what he had done and seen.

I was especially proud when Marc informed me that on the way back Brother crossed the rivers on his own without help.

Then Marc showed me the pictures and my tears started to make a brief appearance.

Definitely one of my favorite pictures ever of Marc and Brother

Look at that view!!!

I LOVE that Brother is peeking through his fingers in this picture

Brother carried his own pack and everything! He's growing up so much.

Brother with his cousins, MrT and Jman, he was so happy to be with them

One of the best parts about this trip has been seeing the bond that happened between Marc and our son. It is so sweet and endearing to see how much Brother grew up in 3 days. It make me even more excited for the future.

Day 138 of 365 Days of Up

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vickit43 said...

That is a wonderful UP!!! I love how he was able to do something so special with his dad!