Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fish and Cookies

Brother went to his last day of Junior High today.

Tomorrow is Lagoon Day (Utah's Amusement Park) for the 9th graders and I didn't think it would be a good idea to have him go to that, so he gets to stay home... unless he wakes up in the morning and wants to go. His original teacher is out still from her neck surgery so it's not all that exciting for him to go tomorrow if he can't say goodbye to her before he heads off to high school.

She is an amazing teacher and it is hard to let go. She brought him so far and helped him so much. I really wanted to get a cool gift to give her, but I'm a last minute kind of person. (frown) I should have gotten a gift a long time ago, but I just figured I'd go sometime before school ended.

I just didn't know that Baby was going to be so sick this week.

Ya, she stayed home today too because I couldn't get her to wake up so I took that as a sign that she was still feeling sick and needed her rest.

I got Brother off to school without a hitch because he was so excited about yearbook day.

Even got Sister dressed and excited for her big dance festival at school. I had to tell her that I wouldn't be there because of Baby being sick still. We took pictures so she could see how cute she looked.

I wanted to cry about having to miss her dance. She has been talking about it and singing the song for the last month or so. I had been so excited to see her, but knew that someone would record it for me so I could at least see that. Shortly after she had left for school I got a text from Dr. H letting me know that she wouldn't do the dance and was clinging to his for dear life not wanting dance. I was so sad. I wished that Baby was better so that I could have seen Sister dance if I had been there. I kind of wanted to cry, but to get my mind somewhere else I started my yoga and exercise, talked to my sister on the phone while I did so and even got some vacuuming done.

Then I heard Baby playing in her room so I went to check on her.

When I walked in she was trying to get me to leave and kept yelling at me, "Don't touch my body!"

I was a bit confused by that until I noticed her foot—it had swollen even more than the previous day and it was now bluish and purple!

That didn't look good.

I took her to the doctor and he took her in between other visits. He told me she has cellulitis... not fun. No wonder she was in so much pain, running a fever and having a tough time walking and standing. She had a bad skin infection. Somehow the mosquito bite had attracted an infection of some kind.

She doesn't do well taking antibiotics and so I asked if the doctor could give her a shot instead.

I felt bad.

I got shots for medicine when I was a kid and it hurt. A lot.

But we had to get antibiotics going sooner rather than later so that we would be able to avoid time at the hospital. I hate the hospital.

I've done that with my kids all too often.

So I figured it was worth trying if it keeps her out of the hospital.

She screamed louder than I have ever heard her scream and it took everything in me not to ball my eyes out and sob just from hearing her in so much pain and knowing that she had such a bad infection.

She wanted a sucker and I didn't have one.

I couldn't take her into the store and I couldn't leave her in the car...

I went to my sister-in-law, Chelsea's, house because she always wants to help and Aaron always has candy stashed at the house.

Apparently Aaron had eaten most of his stash because she could only find frosted animal crackers, Swedish fish and some Minion fruit snacks. Baby loves those things so I thought we had a winner.

I think she was still upset with me so she just kept screaming and throwing the bag at me.

So instead of breaking down into tears I ate the Swedish fish and cookies that were in the bag.

I never knew those to things could be considered comfort food until today.

I cheered up a bit and Baby even decided to have some cookies with me.

We both cheered up.

Cheering up is an UP, right?

I smiled, too, when Sister's teacher sent me this picture of her at her Mickey Mouse reward pizza party:

It was also an UP when Brother brought home his yearbook with signatures and several pictures of him in it documenting a few of his experiences in his last year of Junior High.

Having an UP also included the Young Women Activity I was able go to tonight because I had no Play Rehearsal. We celebrated a new girl coming in and then we played games and had treats. I laughed a lot. It felt good to get all my frustration out through hysterical laughing and quick wit.

Day 147 of 365 Days of Up

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