Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fingers Crossed

I think I am overwhelmed with UPs…

Is that possible?

Really, it’s not.

Let me rephrase that:

I think I have had so many wonderful UPs the last few days that the idea of trying to put all my thoughts down about all of them accurately is the part that overwhelms me.

OK, so now that I have made my lame excuse for not writing in my blog last night, I will make sure to bring up the other UPs all the way from Saturday. And don't expect accurate descriptions of them all. I'm getting older. I don't remember things like a used to... (wink)

I got a picture of Baby's latest play entertainment. She likes to turn on the water in the bathroom and fill up containers for her toys to swim in.

I couldn't get Sister to go out and play on her Special Olympics soccer team on Saturday, which was not an UP, but it made me happy that she was, at least, willing to watch them and think about joining...

Since Marc and Brother were gone on their backpacking trip I decided to party at my mom’s house until they were on they’re way home. Of course I had to call in the troops to party with me so Kirsten, Jessie, Aaron and his wife, Chelsea came with their kids and we ate food, laughed, talked and joked and poked fun of each other. 

I don’t quite know how to really explain just why I love hanging out my siblings and parents so much. We just have always had a natural connection that, believe me, I am very grateful for. It’s just funny that we can basically do almost nothing and still have a great time just because we are together.

We’re just cheesy I guess. We even get excited when our dad wears a hat like ours and we have to take a picture:

We also had to share our happiness in a group photo to send to our friend, Thomas in Germany:

Ha ha! I love us!

I had to redeem myself after I "squished" into the group shot so I had to try a selfie...

And then there are little moments like these:
Sister letting Grandpa James comfort her while they watch a movie together.

Ranger and and Yaya have a connection and I was able to capture it.

Ranger snuggling himself in between Jessie and I.
The robins in the nest outside my parent's window are out of their eggs —
hard to see through the screen, but they were funny.

The other UP while I was at my parents was that I got this email finally from the day we went to the Payson LDS Temple Open House:
seriously LOVE this... Brother uncovered his eyes just in time

Because I had such a great time at my mom and dad’s I won’t mention the fearful drive home in the torrential downpour… at least not the details.

Marc and Brother got home soon after we did and it was so much fun to watch Brother almost skip in with his loaded backpack to show me how proud he was of himself. It just made me so happy to see him so happy and you got to read all about his adventure with Marc in my last post.

Marc and I threw together a last minute date and Lindsey was sweet enough to come be with the kids last minute so that we could.

We went to check out the new RC Willey for the first phase of our date… I know, we are very exciting, but it really was quite fun. We made sure to take pictures of a few of the fantastic things we saw. 

We want to make a table like this one with one of my dad's old mail jeeps... cool ay?

Marc and I LOVE to try out a different restaurant whenever we can. We hadn’t planned on going out to eat because it was late and we weren’t all that hungry. I guess they romp around the furniture store brought on the tummy grumbles so we tried Costa Vida. We were pleasantly surprised with great service and even got a special treat for dessert that the cashier made special for us--he just happens to be a cake decorator as his other job. Of course I had to take a picture of that and Marc.

Dang, he looks good even when he’s ready to eat dessert.

He got even better on Sunday when he got all dressed up for church. I've missed his bare face so much and he just looked so handsome that I had to take "real" pictures of him and turned it into a backyard photo session.

This was a shot I took with my phone because I was so excited to share it on Instagram, but part of my UP today (Wednesday) was getting all his photos edited so I could share them:

Can you tell I love his eyebrow raise?

Later on Sunday we were able to eat steak at Marc’s parents house and we had a great visit there.

The part that was funnest for me and, therefore, my UP was when I brought out the strawberries and chocolate and the teasing began. Amy and Frank got a kick out of my chocolate lipstick and Marc’s chocolate mustache and goatee. I wish we had taken pictures but you’ll just have to use your imagination. It’s always fun to laugh with family.

Another UP was when Baby was talking to the strawberries that were left in the carton… I did get a picture of that. She was asking them if they were home. Ha! What a cutie!

It was nice to try to get pictures of the Payson LDS Temple from the road on the way home.

So that finishes up the weekend. I'm going to try my best to get Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday into tomorrow's post.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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