Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Upside of being a Mean Mommy

So, being a parent of children with Fragile X Syndrome is never boring.

I mean, even all they have to go along with it keeps your mind spinning—ADHD, ODD, ASD, SPD... good heavens I have to have a PHD in abbreviations and acronyms!

Anyway, what "not boring" is in our house usually starts as soon as Sister wakes up.

She's always happy when she wakes up. Ninety-nine percent of the time.

The challenge is, how long will the happiness last before she remembers something she has always wanted, needed last night and didn't get it, wants for Christmas right now, can't find what she "lost" or just plain doesn't get her way.

Today it was all about a LEGO Club membership.

I was in bed.

I was tired.

I didn't want to jump up at the queen's requests and, I guess, I was tired of trying to please her for the previous two hours that morning with no success.

So, I just tried to tune out her constant shouts of disdain for my lack of mothering.

"Mommy! I don't like you any more!" then she'd wait to see if I'd give a reaction.

"Mommy your a meanie!" was heard several if not hundreds of times, I'm sure just to get my attention.

But then she said yelled something that made both Marc and I start to chuckle as we laid in our bed trying our best to ignore her behavior.

You know how I just told you that she kept saying I'm a meanie?

Well, this was the phrase that was said while she was starting to get really, really frustrated that I wasn't running to get her LEGO club membership (She wants the magazines.)

So from her room screamed, "Mom's a meanie!! Mom's a meanie, miny, Moe!!"

Marc and I laughed.

A lot.

And that, my friends, was the UPside of being  a mean mom today.

This was taken a while ago at the doctor's office, but I thought it was a fun Mother-Daughter picture of us.

Day 31 of 365 days of UP

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