Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Plays, Shots, Service and Shoes

I'm so blessed!

I really am!

I feel like this whole looking for the UPs thing is really keeping me moving forward.

I'm not saying my life is perfect or anything, I just am excited to see that it isn't terrible either.

I'm not going to take much time today.

I'll just be brief.

My UPs for the day:

I had a fantastic play practice complete with choreography, singing, laughing and just being a kid again. (I play a little girl in this play, Allison, Pinkalicious' friend.)

I had an awesome talk with a great friend who then decided to be amazing and brought my family dinner... just because. Just because people! She brought spaghetti, salad, bread and butter and donuts! Woot!

Which turned out to be so awesome because then I had another great friend who offered to do my headshots! Yay! I have to give a little side not here: I was contemplating canceling the appointment because I don't feel my best, I've gained weight recently and my stress, I think, has taken it's toll on me. Then I remembered the council I give to all my clients who don't want to get get pictures taken and decided to just embrace me how I am now and jump in and do it. So I did.

Stephen with Miner Details Photography did a great job. He even got a couple up for me already so I can post it for you to see!

Also, while getting my photo done, I was able to reunite with friends I haven't see in a long while and it was so fun to laugh and talk with them again! That might be part of the reason for my true smile in the picture...

Then I was able to participate in a great service with the Young Women at church and I was just in such a good mood by then that I was randomly grabbing girls to do-si-do with and just be goofy while we worked hard on our big project.

But my BIGGEST UP was actually clear back this morning at 7:15 am when Brother tied his own shoe!!! I hesitate a little to share that because I don't want him to be made fun of for not having done it till now, but I hope that the people who read this and know him, will just be kind and sweet. This is a HUGE thing for him.

Yes, you know it was a good day when your 15 year-old son ties his own shoe for the first time...

or maybe that's just here in Our Life!

One of his recent selfies to leave you with a smile.

Day 21 of 365 Days of UP

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