Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm cool like that...

I went to another rehearsal today for "Pinkalicious" at the Scera. It's so much fun to laugh, sing and dance with new friends. I didn't really do much today other than just enjoy being there and learning one of the songs.

I also laughed a lot.

Prayers answered...

Soon after rehearsal was over I was getting Baby off for her evaluation that needed to be done for services and that was hard.

I knew it was going to be hard.

I've been to a LOT of evaluations and testing for my kids.

They don't like it. It's not fun. They're expected to "perform" and it's just very anxiety-producing for them.

Baby was herself, which is good for testing, but bad for me because I end up being the one getting hit, smacked, and pinched.

After I have been a bit beat up I then get to answer a bunch of questions about all the things my Baby can't do.

That's tough.

Normal for me, but still tough.

It's not very fun to have to say that it is normal to talk about ALL of the things your kids CAN'T do.

Right after her was Brother's turn.

He is kind of a veteran at all this so he has just learned to do what they ask and get it over with.

The cute part was when he would look at me like, "Am I doin' good, mom? Was that right?"

I love that kid.

Then we came home and I remembered that there was something at the doctor's office 30 minutes away that I forgot to pick up yesterday while I was there with Sister so I had to run out to get that and then stop by Harmon's to get 4 various prescriptions and I still had forgotten one.

Argh! Too much to keep track of.

Have I mentioned that my head is swimming.

After getting all the necessities of Our Life I was able to make fried rice! Never done fried rice before. Thought I'd give that a try, and it wasn't too bad. Not the greatest, but not bad... of course, I don't like fried rice anyway... that might have been part of the problem. (wink)

Then I decided to challenge myself and go try out for another deal-e-o over at the Scera. I got all dressed up with some place to go and went to go sing my cold-stricken little heart out for some great people who were deciding if I'd be good enough to make the show. No stress...

Actually, it was made a bit funner be running into a dear friend from the last (and first) play I was in. I hugged her and squealed and giggled and was just all around happy to see her. I have to mention too, that all the people I was auditioning in front of I knew from the last play too. I would have hugged them, but that might have been a little unprofessional... I am known to be very unprofessional, but I do try to set my limits. I stretched my professionalism a little when I hugged the girl at the front desk in charge of auditions.

Oh how I love theater life! Even if I don't make it into this show, it's OK, I am just trying to get my self confidence up to get out there and do what I love! But, I'm also excited to have met so many great people along the way.

Hey, I even tried to throw in some funny (but mostly awkward) choreography into my audition. I may or may not have tripped a little and forgotten a line or two, but hey, I tried.

All I can really do is just laugh about it.

It is funny... 37-year-old mom trying to be cutesy and memorable and trips... I think that was right up there when I wore my name tag from a church activity to the Pinkalicious audition.


I'm cool like that.

So today was "up" because I can laugh at myself, find strength in times of struggle, hold my own against my five year old wrestler, and still get dinner made.

Nailed it!

Day 8 of 365 Days of Up

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