Tuesday, January 20, 2015

She went left and I went right...

or was it that she went right and I went left?

I don't totally remember.

I do know I was reminded why I don't take Baby with me to the store by myself.

I guess I have been having so many UPs that I felt invincible today... don't ask me.

You would think that I would learn after she ran and hid from me twice at the first store, which thank goodness, was no bigger than the top floor of my house.

I got cocky, I guess, because after that I took her to the big grocery store.

It started of well. She was holding my hand and everything. I was thinking this last errand would go off without a hitch.

Then we hit the checkout stand. It was all down hill from there.

I can't load stuff on the belt, pay, talk to the cashier and hold onto Baby at the same time.

Of course she's going to take advantage of this opportunity and run, run as fast as she can!

I'm going to keep the long story short and just say that after 15 minutes of not knowing where Baby was in the store 2 other mom's who had seen my panic came to the rescue when they spotted her hiding behind a display, crouched down in the isle I had checked many times.

I nervously laughed it off with the other moms who understood where I was coming from for the most part and I thanked my lucky stars that Baby hadn't gone out the open doors to the parking lot.

Looking for her made me late for Brother's bus drop off from school, and he was home, outside waiting for me to get there. At least he knew enough to just wait for me and not wander off. I had 2 "minor" panic attacks within 20 minutes, but it all worked out and both my kids were now home safe.

When I was done feeling panicked, I was able to sit back and laugh and just think what a great sitcom my life really would make!

At around 5:00 a lady showed up at my door selling spring rolls.

I remember last year Marc came in and told me that he had bought some spring rolls from a lady that was going door to door. I was so bugged at him that he didn't tell her, "no." I mean, I don't know if she has a clean house she cooks in, I don't know if the ingredients are any good or if they even taste good. Why couldn't he just say, "no."

Now I knew why. It's like she has this look on her face that if I don't buy her spring rolls her children will starve today. OK, maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but whatever tactic it was that she used, I fell for it.

12 spring rolls for $10 from a lady I didn't even know...

But hey, I didn't have to make all of dinner, I just added rice and some veggies for the sides and voila!

And none of us died from food poisoning or choked on a hairball.

All is well.

Anyway, my UP today came from talking to a group of women tonight for the church (we call it Relief Society).

I got to talk to them about being HAPPY!

It was so much fun! I really enjoy speaking to people and making them laugh. I got to tell my whole "running errands with Baby" story with actions and sound effects and everything!

They laughed!

I'm so glad they laughed!

That's my UP.

They laughed with me and I, once again realized what a blessing it is to have a sense of humor.

This was me after I got my sweets stash and a happy balloon to go home with.

But the greatest UP was when one of the sisters, a friend of mine, shared that she reads my blog each night and is inspired to find her UP each day too.

Wow! I did that for someone!

I feel special.

And it makes my hard times and my UP times seem just that much more bearable and memorable that it can help me AND some one else too.

My great grandma used to sing a song she wrote, and if any of my family or relatives read this they will know the tune and the accent that goes along with it. If you are not related to me, have me sing it to you sometime...

"Because yer special, special! You are very special!"

I'm falling asleep with that memorable tune in my head tonight.

I hope you do too. Because you are special...

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vickit43 said...

Wow I know how scary it is for your child to run from you in a store. I remember when my youngest son was around 2. I took him to JCPenny and was trying shoes on him. I had in in his stroller but for some dumb reason I took him out to fill where his toes where in the shoe. How dumb of me. Well I turned to tell the lady that I wanted them and turned back around and he was gone. I was in panic the whole store was looking for him. They found him heading out the door where some " man" was holding the door open for him to get out to the parking lot. I learned my lesson really quick not to let him out of that stroller ever again. I still think about how horrible it could have turned out.