Friday, January 2, 2015

Have you ever read that Dr. Seuss book?

You know the one that has a line something like this:

"So UP ear number one. UP ear number two... It's a great day for UP!"

Something like that.

It's called "Great Day for Up!"

I wish I could have found that book in Sister's room today so that I could read it and feel "Up."

When I was thinking about how I was going to find "up" in my day today I was a tad discouraged as it is only the 2nd of my 365 days of Up and all I have been is sick all day.



Not much "up" about being down and out.

But then I got thinking what a miracle it was that I slept most of the day and had no help with the kids while I was out cold, yet, when I finally was able to pry myself from bed I saw that there was no permanent marker on the walls or furniture, no princess or Scooby Doo stickers stuck to the doors or windows, no melted popsicles on the floor or couch, no clay mashed into the carpet, no dripping wet washcloths lined along the sink and counter to warp the cupboards, no children screaming from pulled hair, stolen iPods or accidental loss of toys. Baby hadn't escaped causing neighbors to bring her back hoping that I was actually aware of her absence. Sister had put on her snow clothes successfully, went outside, stayed in the yard and did not disappear.

I woke up in my sick estate to find that all was well.

It's the little things.

Miracles do happen.

And then when I was looking for pictures that I might be able to utilize in my post I could do nothing but smile at Our Life.

Seeing the picture Sister took on her iPod of her favored "Tiggy" hanging out with her newly gifted Tiger from Grandma.

Remembering the night my dad played the Grinch for his church Christmas party

And getting a picture with him after... he even painted his hands green.

Seeing this picture and remembering that I finally finished a scarf I started back in March...
I'm glad I saw this picture so I remember I have it to wear!

Being reminded that I took pictures of these cute little pics of the ornaments Baby made at school.

Seeing this picture and being reminded that I could have found a lot of this kind of stuff today... this was a while ago... Baby had changed her baby dolls diaper, put on new socks and apparently forgot to put the Desitin on so decided to slather it on after the doll was dressed and then cover her in a blanket so mommy wouldn't discover the mess... Tee Hee!

Seeing this picture and being reminded that the nesting doll I bought for Baby and Sister in Germany is now so loved it has become part of the Christmas Nativity...

... and look at the nativity to the left and be reminded of the sweet surprises
we found on our doorstep the first week of December.

Seeing this picture my hubby let me snap because I loved his ensemble so much!

Going to the local lights on the Salem Pond on Christmas night and
remembering the excitement of the kids when they saw them.

Spending part of Christmas playing with the clay and the kids and finding joy in reminiscing my own childhood.

Seeing the many containers of clay that Santa, and grandmas had given to the kids knowing their love for it.

Happy that I had remembered to take a picture of Brother painting his Breyer horses that he got for Christmas

Seeing the "flower" that Baby was so proud of making out of 5 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a piece of hard candy

Knowing the smile I brought to my sister's face when I texted her this image last night of Baby giving her ponies piano lessons on the piano she and LittleB gave her.
Here's a quick clip from our Christmas morning that makes me laugh every time I see it. Marc got a time lapse of the morning and watching Sister bop around just gets me!

Realizing after looking at the picture I took of Baby's PlayDoh creation
that it is Fluttershy from "My Little Ponies"
Image shown for reference if you don't know the cartoon.
Image borrowed from

So, you see, even though I was down... I have many reasons to be UP.

"Up! Up! Up! Great day for Up!"
                          —Dr. Seuss

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