Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Up and at 'em


Let me think about today...

Oh ya! My UP today is that I got up and out of bed at 6:20 instead of 7:00 to get Brother up and ready for school while simultaneously doing exercise and practicing my lines for the play.

It went like this (dream sequence music):

MIND: Rachael, wake up.

BODY: Just 8 more minutes... isn't that how much I have left on the snooze button? ...

PHONE: tiNgLE, TInglE, tiNGLe, buzzzzz

MIND: Rachael, get up!

BODY: I know my goal was to get up at 6:00 but it's 6:08 and if I push snooze one more time it will be 6:16 and that will be close enough...

EYES: I can't keep these lids open.

(now in a faster more urgent undertone)

PHONE: tiNgLE, TInglE, tiNGLe, buzzzzz

MIND: Rachael, get up!

BODY: OK! Let me slide sideways off my bed until my legs hit the floor and then I will plant my face into the side of the mattress and get up from there.


EYES: Is that Marc or the doorway? Is the light on or off? Am I open yet? ... Oh, OK, not quite. Alrighty, here we go.

MIND: Yay, you did it! You're up! Woohoo!

BODY: Go downstairs, turn on Brother's bedroom light and tell him to get up, walk to the exercise room, get on the tread mill, put my head phones in and find the recording of my lines on my phone.

MIND: Take out your headphones and yell to Brother to get up again, cuz you know he's not.

MOUTH: "Hey, [Brother], get up!"

BODY: Move that elliptical!

MIND: Let's go over your first scene.

MOUTH: Hi Mrs. Pinkerton ...

MIND: Brother...

MOUTH: Brother you better be out of your bed!

MIND: K, next line...

MOUTH: Where? ... Huh?... Oh! ....

MIND: Brother...

MOUTH: Brother, you better be getting out of your pajamas!

EYES: 8 minutes...

BODY: OK, it looks like I'll only get 15 minutes of the elliptical in today, better go harder.

MOUTH: Your so lucky! ... Wow! ...

MIND: Time?

EYES: 10 minutes

BODY: go harder!

MIND: Brother...

MOUTH: Brother you better have your pants and shirt on!

MIND: OK, next scene... Why won't my phone let me swipe the next line. Ugh!

FINGERS: Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.... push-tap, push-tap .... smack, smack, smack ...

EYES: 12 minutes!


MOUTH: Hi! ... wand ... all the fun ...

MIND: Brother...

MOUTH: Brother you better have your deoderant on!

EARS: I think he just said something to me but I can't make it out over my headphones.

MIND: He's probably screaming at you.

EYES: 13 minutes

MIND: You know darn well he's not dressed yet.

MOUTH: You better be getting ready in there! I have 2...


MOUTH: ... 1 minute left before I come in and check on you!

BODY: Go harder! One minute left.

MOUTH: Really Pinkalicious? ...

EYES: 16

BODY: done

MIND: Go check on Brother.

EYES: He's still in his pajamas!

MOUTH: Ugh! Really?

MIND: Here we go again.

BODY: I'm so proud of myself! I just exercised and got Brighton up and ... out of bed before 7:05 this morning!

HEART: Life is good.

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vickit43 said...

You did it!! It is so hard to make yourself get to moving in the morning. I would not be able to exercise first thing in the morning. My routine was to get up take a shower then wake up the boys. I always had to get my youngest up and dress him. I went really wrong with him because he had so many meltdowns. It was always easier to just do it.