Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Autism? Get tested for Fragile X.

If you start talking to me about Fragile X Syndrome and you get really interested, it's likely that I'll throw this line in there at some point, "If you have someone who has Autism in your family you should have them tested for Fragile X. It's a blood test."


That's what I say.

Sometimes I even inform them that 1 in 151 women are carriers of the syndrome.

Once in a while I add, "Yep, and I got lucky on the 50/50 chance, three times!"

I don't know if very many people ever heed my advice or even find what I have to say intriguing, but maybe they would be more inspired if they listened to Katie Couric do a Yahoo News spot about it...

Hey! Guess what!

She did!

That's one of my UPs today and is the only one I have time to share with you. So, Facebook friends, sorry for the overload on our exciting news coverage, but hey! It's exciting news coverage!

Go watch it by clicking HERE

Oh, and as a little happy side note, Brother watched the news spot with me and he was so excited to be hearing about "his" stuff and was excited that the boy featured in the story looked like him... I love that kid, he's so happy about his life!

Just throwing in a happy picture from his canyoneering trip this summer!

I'll have more UPs to share tomorrow...

I'm sure of it!

Day 13 of 365 Days of UP

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