Saturday, January 10, 2015

I want to find treasure!

This day was just a blur of feeling a bit sick on top of catching up with work and house chores.

My "up" for today was listening to Sister talk to daddy tonight about the adventures she wants to go on. She exclaimed, "I want to find treasure!" (She's been watching a lot of the Neverland Pirates on Netflix lately.) She wants to find treasure in Florida or Oklahoma! (That just made me giggle... Marc did too... unless guys don't giggle, then, I guess he chuckled.) She wants to find gold so that daddy can have a castle, mommy can be a queen, Brother can be a Prince, Joslin a princess and she would be a soldier! She was very animated in telling us this and continued to get more and more excited as she talked about it.

After she was done illustrating her entire plan with her actions and animated voice, she placed her  hands under her chin, tilted her head and smiled, "I love mommy the best. I love you mommy."

Just what I needed to hear...

Day 10 of 365 Days of UP

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vickit43 said...

So glad that you had a great up day! What a great imagination!