Saturday, January 31, 2015

Both Sets

This day was full of great things that could only be called UPs!

Play practice today was grand and I think I am even getting the dances down better, and boy do we dance! Woo! It feels great though to be on stage dancing and singing and having fun! I am surprised how much I love this stuff! I think I even have my lines about 90% down and I am getting better at my staging!

Oh! And did I mention we had costume fittings yesterday? That was fun! My costumes make me giggle! 3 in total, and they are really fun!

Have you noticed how many exclamation points are in this post already? This day must have been great!

I was able to get some of my design work done and it always feels good to get... ah crap.... I forgot to send off one of my proofs! Dang it! That's a bit of a downer... oh well, I guess I'll just send it in the morning...


Back to having fun.

I took Brother to watch our good friend's daughter play her basketball game at the high school.

It was a loss for our team but it was a win for the crowd participation and the intensity of the game played!

the boys across the way, standing on the bleachers may have been the biggest cheerleaders there...
and that's saying something if I was there too...

 The progression of Brother's photo op....

That's CeeNee sitting next to Brother (smile)

My dear friend

Brother left the seat behind me and went down to "socialize" in his own way... on the outskirts...

Aaaaaannnnd during half time I got to stand up and dance to Beyoncé's "All The Single Ladies." It was just fun... it just was.

Plus, it was extra fun for me because there were so many people being SO SWEET to Brother! So happy to see him and talk to him. I just love it. I love knowing that even though Brother doesn't always really reciprocate social aspects, these kids just know him and keep trying anyway.

I just love it.

I also have to insert here that I have been so impressed with the huge and particular efforts that our sweet friend and neighbor, CeeNee (name has been changed) has been making with Brother. I mean she really is genuinely kind to him and always makes an effort no matter how hard he is being. He may act like he doesn't like it, but he does. He really, really loves it.

After the game we left to go home and Marc's parents, Lynne and Gary were there to visit! Lynne had cleaned my kitchen counters and done all the dishes! Talk about making my day! And there were a LOT of them people! a LOT!

Not only had they cleaned but they also brought pizza for us for dinner!




Then Gary started having some fun with the Sister and Baby...

They were trying to look like angels. It reminded me of when my dad would do that for me.

After Gary's angel school, we all just sat and casually visited and just had a good time talking

Then I started getting more work done while Marc got the girls to bed.

At about 9:00pm there was a knock on the door and it was my parents coming to visit! They were actually coming to check out Baby's broken rocking horse to see if they could fix it.

I bought this precious rocking horse at a yard sale about 15 years ago. Brother, Sister and Baby have all ridden on it to the full extent of their over-loaded sensories--meaning they rock on it so hard that I am surprised it doesn't flip completely over. Needless to say, it's been a good horse.

My dad took off the part that needed to be fixed and we'll see if it will give us another year, at least.

They also stayed and I made a healthy version of a pina colada.

It was really nice to hang out with both sets of parents today!

It has been a phenomenal day!

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