Friday, February 6, 2015

Odyssey, Romance, Besties and Pink

I really want to go to bed so this will be VERY short.

Today was a very UP day and I want to share some of them with you!

We bought a car today that will last us a while, we hope and will give us the room and space we need for our family so we can start taking more family trips! After much study and saving we got a Honda Odyssey. The kids love it so much I think they were ready to move in. I just can't wait for our next trip! I hope it's soon!

We traded in our Chevy Suburban for it though. It was weird saying goodbye to that automobile... it's been through a lot with us after 10+ years. You should read the posts that were all about our Suburban. It's funny. You'll laugh. Click here and here to check it out.

We were able to run our dress rehearsal today for Pinkalicious with a little audience and it just made it so much fun. It's such a rush to be on stage! Love it!

Here's a few of us back stage before the run

Then I got to top off the night by going to a premiere of a movie that I designed the logo and poster for, Romance In The Outfield.

I had so much fun talking with the director and some of the stars of the movie.

I just love supporting local movie makers, it's so intriguing and so much fun.

Marc wasn't able to by my "plus one" tonight so I took along my Bestie, Amanda. We had so much fun and it just kept getting funner as the night went on. We both needed a little bit of an out that included some laughter.

We got pictures with some of the cast and that was a blast!

Amanda is awesome and got a pic of me getting a group selfie with the cast! Best. Picture. Of. The. Night.

The result of the selfie!

Those are the highlights folks!

Day 36 of 365 days of UP

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