Saturday, February 21, 2015


I woke up early this morning.

That's pretty rare on a Saturday because I get up early all the other days and try to get some "sleep-in" time when I can.

I had planned to get up early.

It's interesting, though, that even though I was planning on it there was a bit of annoyance when it was Sister's babbling and pretending that woke me at 6am. I went in and out of consciousness for about and hour and then finally got myself out of bed.

Sister had all her legos and books out and Ranger too.

She loves that dog.

I mean, really loves him.

Anyway, after getting Sister and Ranger set, I headed off to a dance class for adults at the Scera.

I never did dance as a kid.

Not even clogging, which in a small town in the 80's, was the bomb-diggidy!

I love to "dance" though. I quote that word because I just pretend to dance, but I still LOVE it!

I'm not good at it.

If I want to act in musicals I better get better at it.

So I went to a dance class.

I loved it.

I'm not good at it...


But, I've promised myself I will be.

Besides, even if I'm never amazing at it, it's a fun form of exercise!

Baby does some funny things quite often. I never know quite what to expect from her at any given moment on any given day. She's a box of surprises.

She can make anything become a doll, i.e. napkins, skirts, clay, dish rags and as of this week...

the two end banana were "talking" to each other
I also got to go on a date with Marc tonight while doubling with friends. Double dating is so fun, how can that not be one of my UP's!

Oh ya! And for the first time since December I was able to get my chalk out and draw! I decided to commemorate my mom's words, "Fairy Feathered Friends."

Day 52 of 365 Days of Up

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