Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is everything smaller?

Brother loves Salt and Vinegar chips.

I mean, LOVES them!!

I think I buy at least 5 bags a week—not snack size bags, but full size bags...

until today...

Today I went to the store to buy some more Salt and Vinegar chips and I had to keep looking around to find the normal size bag of chips...

apparently 7 3/4 ounces is the new normal size!


What happened to the other 2 ounces?

Are we trying to go all European and get America to eat healthier or in smaller portions?

I doubt it! It's just another way for Lay's Chips to save a dime!

Dang it!

Don't they know that my child practically lives on Salt and Vinegar chips?!

That and Granny Smith apples and popcorn.


Anyway, on to the rest of the day.

It was so fun to have my in-laws come to the play this morning and then come to the house afterwards and we turned it into a family outing with grandma and grandpa by taking a drive in our new van. We even tried out the new Zaxby's here in Orem. It was pretty good, but their fries sure leave something to be desired. But, hey, it's the chicken they're known for and that was really good.

My view from the back seat of the van, which has plenty of leg room in case you're wondering.)

When we got home from our little holiday jaunt out and about I gave my mother-in-law, Lynne, a haircut.

I still had the stuff out so I gave Brother a haircut.

I was on a roll, so I decided to try my hand at cutting Ranger's hair... I really don't want to pay money to have him groomed so I have been watching videos on YouTube and just trying to spy a bit while watching the groomers at PetSmart... and voila! he looks like a schnauzer now! Cute little guy! I think I took a pound of hair off him.

BEFORE (we were letting his hair get long so we could groom like a schnauzer and to keep him warmer in the winter)

AFTER (I'm still learning, but it's not horrible)

Sister was helping me give him a bath after his haircut and I didn't realize she had been taking pictures on my phone while I was scrubbing away.

Another big UP, was staying after the performance tonight and giggling and chatting with some of the girls. I basically invited myself to the conversation, but the happily welcomed me in and we all had a good time together!

These shots are from last Friday's show. I brought my camera and just had a great time! (These photos were not taken by me, just my camera...)

Day 47 of 365 Days of Up

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vickit43 said...

Great job with the dog hair cut! He is very handsome. I miss having a house dog but I don't ever see it happening at my house again.