Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Best 38 Ever!


Best 38th birthday I've ever had!

During my time getting ready for our performance this morning I received text messages and voice mails from friends and family saying sweet things for my birthday.

After the morning performance of the play the entire audience plus the cast sang happy birthday to me! I mean, what's cooler than 300 elementary kids singing you Happy Birthday while you sit on stage at the Scera Theater?!

Then I went to lunch with the cast and my hubby! Marc joined me and the girls for a little party lunch.

Then I came home to a sweet birthday message from a friend that she had left a birthday present on my door! It was a pot of tulips! My favorite flower!

Soon after I was home Baby got home and I had a little time to hang out with her until the Behaviorist for Sister came to do more intake work. That was the only "rough" part of my birthday was being thrown back into reality for a couple of hours as we discussed Sister's struggles.

But, the cool thing was that, in the middle of that meeting, a sweet friend of mine stopped by to give me a hand-made gift. It's adorable and I should have taken a picture of it, but it's a cool necklace made by using a sewing machine thread bobbin as the charm—so creative and so thoughtful. I just wish I would have had time to talk with her a bit, but I had to get back to my meeting.

Shortly after the meeting I sat down to check if I had any Facebook messages and "Holy cow!!" People were wishing me a happy birthday all over the place! Wow! I sure felt special!

Then another friend stopped by and brought me a bouquet of balloons and we had the chance to sit and talk for a long time! We laughed a lot too! I have no picture of that either, but the balloons look great on my banister!

After that we headed on over to our friends house and they made dinner for my birthday and even bought me an ice cream cake! I haven't had one of those for years! It was delicious! I even got to blow out candles! I love that because it makes me feel all giddy like a little kid again!

Oh and I did get pictures of that.

That face is so me... not that I'm proud of it... it's just me! Ha! 

Baby was so excited to help me out!

Right after the gift of dinner and cake I ran home to get my music ready for my audition for Guys and Dolls at the Scera.


I auditioned for another play.

I don't think I am what they are looking for honestly, but I really, for the first time ever, felt like it was a really fun audition! I just felt more confident and less like a shaking leaf. I just had fun and I will remember this audition as the one that I finally felt like auditioning is something I can handle.

Then I was able to hang out with friends at a meeting for our Young Women's group.

It was a meeting.

Not a party.

It was still fun to be with them anyway.

Then I came home, talked with Marc a bit and now I am sitting here blogging, thinking about what an incredibly UP day this has been!

Happy UP Day!!

I'm 38 people!


I might look it, but I sure don't feel it!

Oh, P.S.

Here are a couple pictures Marc got of me grooming our dog, Ranger yesterday.

Day 48 of 365 Days of Up

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