Friday, February 13, 2015

Little Girls in Pink

I love being in this Pinkalicious Musical and seeing all the moms and grandmas bring daughters and granddaughters to this play. All the girls dressed in pink—some with fairy wings and some with pink crowns—absolutely adorable.

It's so fun doing the shows in the morning when the schools come to fill the theater with their sweet little giggles and chubby-handed applause.

I love it!

I love after the show in the evenings when we get to meet some of the audience and how they are so happy to get a picture with you and talk to you about the play.

I can't wait for my kids to come see it! I really hope they will love it. I really do.

We don't have the Pinkalicious book here at home, but maybe they have heard it read at school or something. I really think I need to go buy the book. Sister LOVES books and this might make it a little more fun for her. Maybe she'll even start liking pink a bit more... I can always hope.

Today during our morning run we were answering questions to the audience after the show (like we do every morning show) and one of the questions we answered was something about Valentine's Day. There were various answers about why they like Valentine's and who their Valentine's were and what not and one of our cast members was being a little cutesy in saying that she didn't have a Valentine. Everyone in the theater, including her cast members gave an "oh." And then, that was that...

But after the theater was emptied and we were putting things away there was one mom who got permission to bring her little girl back stage and wanted to tell our fellow Valentine-less cast-member that she would be her Valentine. It was so sweet that this little girl was so concerned about her and wanted to show her that she was loved.

I was really impressed with the mom that she saw how important this was to her daughter that she got permission to come back stage so that her daughter could brighten the day of another.

I want to be that mom that doesn't shush my child and just tell them that there's nothing they can do about it, but, instead, goes the extra mile to make sure that their sweet feelings are reciprocated.

Sometimes service is just that simple.

Just show your love.

Give a hug.

Share a smile.

Open a door.

Hold a hand.

Leave a note.

During this holiday that celebrates love and all its facets, make sure you are being someone's Valentine by serving in those small ways. Make Valentine's a holiday that everyone enjoys.

I got this image from Sugar Doodle. It is part of a Family Home Evening lesson but I thought It went well with this post.

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