Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I have a confession...

... so I will explain it in layman's terms...

Until just today, I had NO idea what a "layman" was.

I know, I know...

I guess I didn't really care what it was, I just understood, in a way what the term "layman's terms" meant so that was that and I looked no further.

Being Mormon, when I was younger, I thought that term referred to Laman, as in Laman and Lemuel from the Book of Mormon. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me know and I will get a Book of Mormon to you so you can read up on it.) So when I heard someone, not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use "Laman's terms" I was so excited that our Mormon talk was becoming so well known.

Then, later in life I thought it was Lame Man's terms...

You know, because when I didn't get things I was called "lame" or whatever.

Then I started thinking that is like making bad use of the word retard, so I stopped using the term.

Then a few years ago, yes, only a few years ago, I learned that it was "layman's terms."

What were "layman's terms?" Where in the world did that come from?

I still didn't understand what it meant so I finally looked it up today...

I know, I guess I just had a reason to finally care what it meant.

And this is what a "layman" means according to Wikipedia:
... a person who is not qualified in a given profession and/or does not have specific knowledge of a certain subject

OK. Now I get it.

I guess it took "layman's terms" for me to understand layman's terms.

Anyway, I guess I was intrigued by this term today because it was used in reference to how I train or teach someone to care for our children.

People coming to care for a child with special needs, if they don't understand already, must be taught in layman's terms in order for them to even grasp the concept of what to do for our children.

I get it now.

I have to be real.

I can't just plan on my kids having the perfect behavior while being cared for by others. I have to explain it all to them in layman's terms so that it can all be easily understood... not perfectly... just easily.

So that was my deep thought for the day.

Now here are my UPs:

Play practice was a dress rehearsal today! I get to change 6 times!

I had bought more coconut milk so I was able to make my green smoothie that I like the best.

My sister, Jessie, came to visit me while she was up this way... I told her she had to... she knows I'm the oldest and in charge!

We had a behaviorist come do some intake with us today and I am very hopeful that it will be a big amount of help.

I had grapefruit for dinner and loved it!

Was reminded that I get to attend a movie premiere this Thursday for a movie that I designed the poster for! Woot!

I remembered to pick up the prescription that Baby would need tomorrow morning.

I was able to talk to Marc for a bit before it was bed time.

Good night.

                                                                                                                                                                Day 34 of 365 Days of UP

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